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Rubberized Bulrush Basket - Black
V1859 BLK

V1859 BLK

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Meet the perfect all-purpose basket. Woven from natural earth-friendly bulrush, they add a natural element to the room and provide stylish storage. Where they stand out from the rest is in their finish. The interior of the basket is coated in a natural latex rubber finish, which increases its durability, but also makes it completely waterproof. We are declaring it to be the best bathroom basket ever, and the ultimate style solution for hiding your houseplant pots. Though we are sure you will find plenty of ways to put this basket to work yourself.

Basket weaving is a tradition in many cultures, and the remarkable skills it requires are best taught by passing them through generations. Each generation of weavers gains the knowledge of those before them, as well as builds their own unique skill set. Artisans use natural materials to hand-weave each of these baskets using these time-honored skills and traditional methods to create their unique shape and pattern. Each basket is an original, hand-created organizational accent for your home.

V1859,Rubberized Bulrush Basket,

Bulrush (also know as cattail) is an all-natural and eco-friendly material for basket weaving. Because it naturally grows and such a rapid pace, it is not only sustainable to harvest, but it requires no chemical treatments to sustain its growth.

12"L x 12"W x 13.8"H

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