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Believed to have spiritual cleansing and physical healing benefits, fragrant Palo Santo wood fills your home with hints of clean mint and citrus scents. The Palo Santo tree is native to South America and its name literally means Holy Wood. The smoke emitted by burning the wood is thought to have both medical and therapeutic healing powers. Most commonly it is used for inspiring creativity, clearing negative energy, and bringing love and good fortune to the home. Physically, it is thought to relieve common cold symptoms, reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate headaches, and sooth inflammation. To unleash these benefits, you can burn a single stick in an oven-safe ceramic dish, such as a bowl or ramekin, with sand. Secondly, and for a stronger dose of the wood, add multiple sticks to your fireplace.

  • Wood burning sticks believed to have spiritual cleansing and physical healing benefits
  • Always exercise safety when burning
  • Made in Peru
  • Sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees
  • Available in a 1lb. drawstring bag, a 1 lb. carved wood display box, or a 5lb. refill cardboard box.

Palo Santo Wood Burning Sticks - 1lb. Display Box


$75.97 discounted from $95.00

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