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The Felted Wool Pebble Rugs present an exquisite blend of nature's tranquility and the sumptuous touch of genuine wool. Each rug features an array of felted "stones", meticulously fashioned from 100% pure wool in India. This artistic process ensures that every rug is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, embodying a unique charm.

When these woolen stones come together, they create a stunning visual and tactile experience, reminiscent of a serene riverbed. These rugs are a perfect addition to any space in your home, effortlessly infusing an element of natural elegance.

Whether you're looking to enhance a zen-inspired setting or simply wish to incorporate a touch of the outdoors into your interior design, these handcrafted Indian rugs offer a luxurious and stylish solution.

  • Made of 100% pure wool, making it soft to the touch
  • Each felt stone is individually hand-felted by artisans in India
  • Felted Pebbles have the look of natural stone, but the softness of felt wool
  • Natural Stone color felted wool pebbles

Rectangle: 24"L x 36"W x 2"H
Round: 36" dia. x 2"H

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