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Handcrafted Wood-Pieced Coasters by Alexandria Cicorschi, Set of 4



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These handcrafted, limited-edition wooden coasters by the artist Alexandria Cicorschi are a collaboration with VivaTerra's Art and Nature Collection. They are a small, functional representation of Alexandra Cicorschi's craft.

Artist Story:

No one can visit every corner of the world, but everyone can create their own worlds from what they have seen and owned - that’s the beauty of creating with limitations and how artist Alexandra Cicorschi discovers her way to art.

Born in Romania, a country that had gone through revolution and unrest in the 1990s, Alexandra was influenced by her surroundings about how to use and reuse things due to a lack of financial resources. Exploring the full potential of everyday objects has become what she enjoyed the most in childhood and the biggest inspiration today. In Alexandra’s artwork, she uses one of the most accessible materials, discarded wood, as her brushstroke, paint, and canvas, and creates with only straight lines and mainly the colors of the wood itself. While the material limits her to create smooth curves and colorful demonstrations, it also brings out the uniqueness. No matter if it was wood from local demolition sites or discarded furniture, each of them has its distinct colors and texture with every trace of use telling the stories of itself and the people who lived with it.

By stacking well-cut wood layers and arranging different geometric patterns, Alexandra makes pieces of discarded wood a story, challenging what everyday objects can mean to us. You can not only see it, touch it, but also smell it and feel the whole creation. Her work brings out the infinite possibilities of how creativity can soar with limitations - and at the end of the day, asking ourselves: what is our way to create?

About the artist:

Alexandra Cicorschi lives and works in San Francisco, California. She graduated from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, where she focused on etching, a traditional graphics technique. Her interest in wood as a medium emerged from her passion for making furniture, which became non-functional as her pieces evolved into more organic compositions. She finds inspiration in elements of nature, such as tree knots, clusters of leaves, and rock formations.

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  • Handcrafted, limited-edition wooden coasters by the artist Alexandria Cicorschi
  • Salvaged plywood and dyed maple veneer
  • Origin: San Francisco
  • Limited Series- only 20 sets available
  • Set includes 4 coasters
  • Due to their handcrafted nature, each will vary slightly
  • All art sales are final

3.5" Square

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