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Livenza Drink Caddy




Estimated Ship Date: 04/23/2024

The Livenza Drink Caddy, crafted from welded iron and rattan, offers a robust and elegant solution for carrying your beverages. Its construction, combining the strength of iron and the natural appeal of rattan, ensures a smooth and secure transport of your glasses and bottles. This caddy's rattan design adds an organic aesthetic, making it ideal for holding wine glasses, tumblers, and bottles with style and ease.

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  • Crafted from welded iron and rattan for durability and style
  • Strong construction suitable for securely carrying 6 glasses or small bottles
  • Rattan design provides a natural, organic aesthetic
  • Ideal for transporting a variety of drinkware including wine glasses, tumblers, and bottles
  • The Livenza caddy blends functionality with an elegant design
  • Pairs beautifully with the Livenza glasses

10.75” x 6.75”W x 3.5”H

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Sat Apr 20 15:45:02 EDT 2024