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Mango Wood and Jute Bat Garland



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Our handcrafted bat-themed macabre decor offers artisanal touches that set the tone for your spooky festivities. Wooden bats take center stage, offering a unique twist on traditional Halloween decor.

Our Mango Wood and Jute Bat Garland is a delightful and eco-friendly decorative piece that adds a touch of rustic charm to your Halloween or autumn-themed decor. This garland is thoughtfully crafted using sustainable materials, combining the natural beauty of mango wood and the earthy texture of jute.

The bat garland features a series of wooden bat-shaped cutouts made from mango wood, a durable and responsibly sourced material. The mango wood is carefully treated and shaped into bat silhouettes, showcasing the distinctive wings and iconic features of these nocturnal creatures. The wooden bats are stained with a rich, dark color, emphasizing their spooky allure.

Whether you're decorating for Halloween or simply love the spooky charm of bats, our Bat Garland is a versatile and eco-conscious choice. Its handmade craftsmanship, natural materials, and unique design make it a captivating addition to your festive decor collection.

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  • Mango Wood and Jute Bat Garland
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Crafted from mango wood and jute
  • Seven Wooden bat-shaped cutouts made from mango wood
  • Jute twine is used to string the bats together
  • Lightweight and easy to hang

    Adds a rustic and earthy vibe to Halloween or autumn decor
  • Suitable for wall, door frame, mantel, or outdoor display
  • Natural and rustic aesthetic with a charming contrast
  • Handcrafted in India by our artisan partners


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