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Beeswax is one of the oldest sources of artificial light and today is still the most natural candle material. The lovely fresh scent, a long burn time and the natural origins of beeswax make it the preferred candle for the sustainably minded person. Beeswax is truly created by honeybees from honey which is made from flower nectar. Our high quality beeswax candles are made from the melted and filtered caps that seal the honeycomb and the honeycomb itself.  Our candles have a natural honey fragrance that is inherent to the all-natural beeswax.

  • Natural Beeswax
  • Hand poured in Mexico
  • Natural Honey Fragrance
  • Long burn

3” x 3” Pilar

3” x 6” Pilar

3” x 8” Pilar

6”x 6” 3 Wick Pilar

Set 4 Votives

Set 6 Tea Lights

Set 6  8”x.75” Regular Tapers

Set 6 12” x 7/8” Regular Tapers 

Set 24 8” x .25” Thin Tapers

Set 24 12” x .25” Thin Tapers

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