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Nesting Wooden Santa Dolls, Set of 5




Estimated Ship Date: 12/12/2023

This beautiful set of 5 handpainted wooden nesting Santa Claus dolls offers a unique holiday twist on the classic Matryoshka design. Handcrafted by skilled artisan partners in India, each Santa embodies the festive spirit of Christmas.

All the dolls sport the iconic Santa Claus appearance, dressed in vibrant red and topped with Santa's familiar hat. Their rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes are lovingly painted to convey joy and warmth. The nesting design allows each Santa to fit snugly inside the other, starting from the largest figure down to the smallest.

These wooden Santa Claus dolls reflect a fusion of traditional Indian craftsmanship and Christmas imagery. This charming set is not only a delightful holiday decoration but also a testament to skilled handcrafting and global artistry. The nesting Santa Claus dolls bring a touch of world culture into the holiday season, making them a thoughtful and unique gift or addition to any Christmas collection.

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  • Traditional Matryoshka style combined with classic Santa Claus imagery
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisan partners in India
  • Iconic Santa Claus look, with red coats and Santa hats
  • Made from quality wood and non-toxic, eco-friendly paints
  • Five dolls that fit snugly inside one another, ranging from largest to smallest
  • Combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with Western Christmas traditions
  • Perfect as a unique holiday decoration or thoughtful gift

3"Dia. x 6"H

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