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Our bedding is hand-printed by artisans in northwest India. Intricate patterns are carved into wood blocks that are then dipped into natural color dyes and pressed onto 100% pesticide-free, locally grown cotton. Proceeds provide critical income to an area plagued by drought and acute poverty. Fair Trade certified.

A Barefoot College, situated in a small village in the desert regions of Rajasthan, India, has worked for more than 40 years to improve the lives of impoverished members of its community. Training artisans and helping to promote rural craft production, Barefoot College enables women to generate income for their families by using their abilities in needlework and other traditional craft skills. This item has been printed by the hands of artisans using time-honored block printing techniques. Keep in mind that colors and patterns may vary with every press of the block, and between each lot of dye mixed by the artisans. Slight inconsistencies are to be expected and are a mark of the craftsmanship that went into creating every part of the beautiful colors and patterns.

Natural Dyes: This product has been given its color using natural, earth-friendly dyes. Slight variations in color may occur.

We recommend dry cleaning only.

If you elect to machine wash your block print bedding, please use a delicate cycle, along with cold water. It's also suggested that a gentle laundry soap is used to preserve the beautiful colors. As always, it is recommended that bedding made of 100% cotton is air dried.


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