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Pantry Edition Elements Truffles Chocolate Bars




Limited Stock

Elements Truffles are an Ayurveda inspired line of clean chocolates that taste good and does good - for the body, mind, and community. The chocolates are handmade with just cacao and honey, infused with Ayurveda Superfoods and pure essential oils, which lends to its unique flavor profile and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Handmade in micro-batches with Vedic chanting in the background!

This pack contains a bar each of the following flavors:
Cinnamon Orange with Clove Infusion
Maple Toffee Crunch with Moringa Infusion
Ecuadorian 85% Dark with Turmeric Infusion
Orange Quinoa with Turmeric Infusion
Sea Salt with Turmeric Infusion

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  • Ayurveda inspired line of clean chocolates
  • No dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten or GMO Raw and Organic
  • Pack contains 5 distinct chocolate 5 bars

3"L x 3"W

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