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An elegant nod to the natural beauty of found sea glass, each piece of our Sea Glass Jewelry Collection is artisan crafted using recycled glass. Every gem-like nugget originates as a collected glass vessel; the artist uses anything from recycled factory cane glass to discarded soda and spirits bottles. The glass pieces are hand-cut, kiln fired overnight, and ultimately emerge with the timeworn look of genuine sea glass. For the final step in creating this nature-inspired jewelry, the recycled glass pieces are affixed to thin wires or dainty chains, which are either gold-filled metal or sterling silver. The result is a sophisticated, easy-to-wear accessory that allows you carry the spirit of the sea - in eco-friendly form - with you wherever you are. Plus, every item in the collection is proudly made in the USA.

We met this Virginian artist at our local farmer's market and were immediately captivated by the elegant simplicity of her handmade jewelry. Each piece of glass is made from recycled coke or liquor bottles and kiln-fired to achieve a sea glass-like texture. We love how recycled Bombay gin bottles, Mexican coke bottles, Grey Goose bottles and many more find new lives in Diana's studio.

  • Every frosty piece of sea glass-inspired jewelry is artisan handmade using found and recycled glass materials
  • Handcrafted in Virginia, USA
  • Most pieces in the collection are available in a variety of colors, from subtle clear glass to bold and bright color combinations
  • All chains and wires used are gold-filled metal or sterling silver depending on your selected finish

Our Seaglass Jewelry collection is handmade in our home state of Virginia by a talented local artist. Each piece of recycled glass is collected from discarded coke and liquor bottles. These bottles are melted and given a new life in a kiln-firing process. Like the original glass pieces from which these are made, each "seaglass" piece is unique. There are artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters and all other types of artisans right here in our own back yards, and our hope is that when you think of beautiful, handcrafted products from across the globe, you think of them too. Buying domestically can be more eco-conscious, as it reduces transportation needs and consequently the energy and natural resources expended in the process; this makes us huge proponents of shopping locally.

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