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Reclaimed Fir Wood Accent Stool




Estimated Ship Date: 04/23/2024

This distinctive accent piece, fashioned from repurposed natural fir wood, embodies versatility and style. It seamlessly transitions between a bold statement table and a singular stool, infusing any area with an element of fascination. Perfect as a standalone feature or coupled for greater effect, it enhances your eco-friendly home with a touch of dramatic elegance.

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  • Reclaimed Fir Stool
  • Handcrafted from repurposed natural fir wood
  • Serves dual purposes as a statement table and unique stool
  • Adds an intriguing touch to any space
  • Ideal for showcasing individually or in pairs for added impact
  • Enhances eco-conscious homes with dramatic flair

27.5"L x 19.75"W x 21.5"H

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Sat Apr 20 16:43:25 EDT 2024