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There's no end to the uses you'll discover for these amazing wooden baskets. Equally stunning as a centerpiece, fruit basket, caddy, or catchall, you'll want to show off these absolutely beautiful baskets. Hand-carved from sustainable, reclaimed Chinese fir trees, each basket is inspired by the shape of the original wood; which means no two are exactly alike

Product and natural finish may vary due to its reclaimed/recycled nature. Due to the natural finish, items may develop a mild tackiness. To remedy, simply wipe clean with a light coating of olive oil.

You may notice a smell accompanying the root of earth items due to the natural oil that is used to finish them. This oil is food safe and to thin the oil you can be wipe off the board with a dry clean cloth.

Correction to the skus listed for the Root of the Earth baskets in our recent Fall 2015 catalog - Our large basket (scheduled to be available again in late September) is associated with V0168, and our medium basket is associated with V1168.

Root products are untreated, so cracks and natural variations will likely occur with age and drying. We recommend you keep these items out of direct sunlight or heat. Regular oiling with food-grade oil-such as olive oil-will help to maintain moisture and luster. Not recommended for cooked foods or liquids. Before use, wipe clean with a damp sponge. The natural finish may develop a mild tackiness; to remedy, simply wipe clean with a light coat of olive oil.

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