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Succulent Kokedama Hanging String Gardens, Set of 3




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A form of ancient Japanese bonsai, kokedamas (pronounced: ko kay da ma) are plants that are sculpted into hanging gardens by tightly entwining their roots in soil and moss and hand-shaping them into balls. Artisans construct kokedamas using an assortment of succulents, including colorata and gouchii varieties, but succulent type, color, and sizes will vary from set to set. A piece of twine is affixed to each plant, allowing you to hang these living conversation pieces in a window or other well lit area of your home.

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Approx. 3.5" diameter

There are artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters and allother types of artisans right here in our own backyards, and our hope is that when you think of beautiful, handcrafted products from across the globe, you think of them too. Buying domestically can be more eco-conscious, as it reduces transportation needs and consequently the energy and natural resources expended in the process; this makes us huge proponents of shopping locally.

Hang in a well lit area with bright, indirect sunlight, and for best results give kokedamas a few hours of direct sunlight every 2-3 days. To water, dip the ball with room temperature water for about 1 minute until you feel the ball is soaked through to the plants roots. Give it a light squeeze to ensure the water reaches the center of the ball and the roots of the plant. This should provide ample water for several weeks; we recommend watering every 2-3 weeks. If you feel the mossy exterior looks dry-remember that moss loves humidity-give it a light mist in between waterings.

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