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8 Great Ideas For Creating A Zen Garden

8 Great ideas for creating a zen garden

Inside our wellbeing arsenal is the knowledge that spending just 5 minutes outside can transform negative thoughts, clear our minds, and give us an energy boost to get through the day. We’ve spent the winter hunkering down and are ready to revel in spring fever spirit excited to transform our outdoor areas into mindful sanctuaries that we’re calling Zenscape Gardens. We’ve curated the best outdoor décor items of the season to help you create a serene backyard that you are sure to enjoy this season!

bamboo lanterns

Create a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed during the day and night with calm outdoor lighting. Think candles, firefly lights, or even torches. Our new extra-tall, lightweight Bamboo Lanterns were designed to hold a sturdy glass hurricane from within allowing a warm glow to penetrate through the woven bamboo latticework.

garden accents collection

Beautiful additions anywhere in the garden, symbolic garden stakes are perfect hosts to climbing vines or flowers. Place these mindful symbols in an area where you meditate to use as visual centering tools. We especially love the Bell Chime Trellis Stake because it features three large chimes that will delight your eyes and ears. At the top, seven more tiny chimes, hung in miniature hearts, add their own tinkling soprano song whenever the breeze catches them.

recycled metal mandala wall art

Outdoor inspirational art can serve not only as décor but can promote self-awareness and introspection. The Recycled Metal Mandala wall art takes inspiration from the dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity as translated from Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

zen gratitude spinner

A kinetic sculpture, like the design of our copper Zen Gratitude spinner, allows for gentle, steady interaction with the wind. Its symbol is a reminder to be appreciative of benefits received and to see the best in those around us.

zen garden stool

Finally, a place to sit and reflect is Zenscape must. Find a quiet area that allows you to enjoy peaceful sounds, sights, and smells. Sculptural lines with traditional Japanese design, our Zen stools double as modern works of art. Handcrafted from rich, durable teak wood, they instantly add a layer of warmth and texture to the garden. The wood, used to create each Japanese stool is from teak root and therefore each seat will bring its individual look and natural teak root variations. Best of all, teak wood has natural weather resistant properties allowing it to live in nature, just like you!


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