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Fri Apr 19 00:00:00 EDT 2019

Much like aromatherapy, adding a Zen-inspired sound environment in your home offers passive stress relief that can energize or relax you and can provide benefits that are better than you might imagine. Incorporating chimes, bells, and singing bowls to your decor can help contribute to a peaceful home environment. It's a great way to relieve the stress of those around you and alleviate your stress at the same time, without much effort. We've pulled together a collection with links that provide access to hear what each of our Zenscapes sound like!

zen product collage

1. Graduated Metal Chime- Inspired by ancient Chinese bells, our copper Graduated Metal Chime produces a soft restful tone that encourages relaxation and introspection.

2. Zenergy Chakra Chime- Let the sound vibrations of this chime help keep your chakras in tune. Each of the 7 rods of the Zenergy Chakra Chime is tuned to the related frequency of a different chakra. Tapping a rod with the mallet provided and focusing all of your thoughts on that tone can help maintain good energy flow within your body.

3. Chiming Bell Fountain- The swirling motion of floating bells provides this Chiming Bell fountain's peaceful meditative sounds. Create an oasis in your garden with the soothing murmur of the water combined with the gentle ringing of the bells to create a tranquil mood.

4. Temple Bell Spiral Garden Mobile- Hang this array of spiraling golden temple bells on your porch or in your garden and enjoy the view as they twist and twirl. Their cheerful ringing will set the mood as you enjoy the warm breeze.

5. Zen Swirl Garden Stake- Zen style circles within circles motif makes this stake an elegant accent to any garden or patio area with a delicate tinkering sound providing an added bonus.

6. Glass Wind Chime- Handcrafted in Bali, these one-of-a-kind chimes create a relaxing ambiance reminiscent of a gentle waterfall.

7. Sunflower Wind Chime- The sunflower symbolizes loyalty and longevity. This stunning wind chime, with its 22 sunflowers and organic glass beads, will create the style of beauty and purity in your outdoor space.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowls- Designed to invoke a deep state of relaxation, meditation, and spiritual well-being, all of our singing bowls are authentic Tibetan singing bowls. When you run the wooden striker along the rim it creates complex, harmonic tones with subtle variations that differ with each bowl due to their hand-made origin. Tapping the bowl with the striker generates a bell sound that signifies the beginning or ending of a chant. Each bowl includes a ring pad that elevates the bowl off of a surface, extending tones and allowing sound to carry.


Fri Apr 19 00:00:00 EDT 2019 Alessandra Interior Decorating & Design 
Thu Feb 21 00:00:00 EST 2019

Bring in the New Year by taking out the clutter! Our mantra for 2019 is to surround ourselves with serenity and eliminate stress when we can. A great way to achieve that is to organize your living space so that all the items in your home have a purpose and an area where they belong. We've rounded up 6 of the best storage ideas that will get you on track eliminate clutter and get you on the road to a calm and serene lifestyle. 

storage products collage

1.  Bolga Market Baskets- Weavers from the region of Bolgatanga in Ghana, Africa are reputed across the globe for their talents and craftsmanship. These one-of-a-kind baskets serve not only to take to market but their colorful presence works in bathrooms as a rolled towel holder, in the kitchen as a fruit and veggie basket, and by the entryway as a catch-all for items going in and out of the house- think doggie leash and toys! 

2. Mango Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack- This beautiful 12 bottle wine rack is skillfully hand carved, shaped and hand sanded from an exotic solid hardwood. Its slim, space-saving design works well in small areas. We love that it can hold 12 bottles, that's a whole case of wine!

3. Reclaimed Teak Mudroom Bench & Hanger- Keeping entries and hallways clutter-free can be a challenge. The slim design of our teakwood bench allows it to fit into small spaces while bringing in an element of utility and storage. Combining beauty and function, it’s perfect for organizing entries and foyers, halls, or mudrooms.

4. Wood and Metal 4-Shelf Display Rack - This display rack is a space-saving, practical design that gives you extra room for entertaining, storage and more. The 4-shelf rack works well in kitchens, bathrooms or mudrooms and offers open storage with easy access. 

5. Hole Punched Galvanized Steel Rolling Boot Tray- This roomy rolling boot tray, crafted from punched steel, is ready to stand up to the elements. Station it in your mudroom, entryway or on your porch as a catch-all for muddy boots and soiled shoes. As an alternative, you can use it in the laundry room to hold your cleaning supplies. 

6. Bamboo Box Knife Holder Collection- Turn a cluttered knife drawer into a piece of art on your countertop with these beautiful knife holders. Innovative and unique, each knife storage block is filled with food-safe bamboo skewers to safely hold your best kitchen knives in place without dulling them. 


Thu Feb 21 00:00:00 EST 2019 Alessandra Interior Decorating & Design 
Tue Feb 19 00:00:00 EST 2019

Our spring 2019 collection is teeming with outdoor décor ideas for small space entertaining! If you love the outdoors as much as we do, then gathering with friends and family on our patios, decks, and backyards are an essential part of living a joyful life. Although we would love a giant outdoor entertaining area, we often have to work with smaller spaces. We've gathered the best space saving items that are perfect for those snug areas that are both stylish and functional. 

Outdoor decor

1. Set of 2 Cylinder Planters on Wooden Stands- Embrace the industrial chic look with these fabulous on-trend planters. A throwback to mid-century modern style, these set of cylinder planters features a removable wood stand that can be flipped for added height.

2. Urban Cement Company™ Bistro Collection- Our cement table and chair set gives the classic and charming bistro set a new modern look. Black iron collapsible frames support the slats of cement-finished wood surfaces of the set. From Zen-style to industrial chic, this set coordinates with any décor style.

3. Set of 2 Galvanized Metal Nesting Succulent Planters- This set of two planters perfectly showcase greenery indoors or out. Curved wide-mouth containers made of durable, galvanized metal with faux brass accents, adds strength while reducing weight. Fill them with plants or decorative items such as stones or moss.

4. Graduated Metal Chime- Inspired by ancient Chinese bells, our copper Graduated Metal Chime produces a soft restful tone that encourages relaxation and introspection. It features five durable copper-plated steel bells, rectangular weather catcher, and black-finished hardwood accents.

5. Lakshmi Garden Statue and Bath- Cast in strong and lightweight glass reinforced cement, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity sits peacefully and steadily. She gazes into the bowl in her lap, which is perfect for filling with water or seed to attract beautiful wildlife to your garden. On a patio, you can use her empty bowl to create a variety of displays from a shallow succulent garden to a candle arrangement.

6. Set of 2 Arc Footed Planters- Mid-century modern inspired style elevates your greenery with our Arc Footed Planters. Made of clay fiber, these uniquely shaped planters can be placed both indoors and out. Their generous room allows most plants to flourish in style. They stand on three sculptural, solid wood legs and can be placed together or on their own in your terrace, deck or balcony.

7. Recycled Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Rugs- Our delightful recycled and reversible indoor/ outdoor throw rugs prove that beauty and sustainability can intersect—and with ease! The intricate designs, which draw inspiration from traditional rugs, are given a colorful and eco-friendly twist.

8. Retractable Wall Bar- This self-contained metal mini-bar with a handy wooden top shelf and clean lined wood surface has the perfect fold down serving space for balcony entertaining. A masterful design that requires very little space but offers big benefits.

9. Miniature Potted Citrus Trees- Sweet and zesty citrus scents and flavors are the best part of our warmer seasons! Bring some of the natural goodness home with one of our mini patio citrus trees, available in Meyer Lemon, Moro Blood Orange, and Keiffer Lime. Every tree is grown right here in the USA and ships to you in a terracotta pot!


Tue Feb 19 00:00:00 EST 2019 Alessandra Interior Decorating & Design 
Fri Nov 09 00:00:00 EST 2018

Our signature recycled glass Balloon Vases delight any space with vibrant colors. We especially love them set outside and styled with our festive holiday lights. Watch as Luke, our stylist, puts together a beautiful front stair entry with the use of our colorful vases, star lights and a little magic.



We've curated a collection that features items ready to use on your front door entry. Our favorite among the group are the Lighted Birch trees- they're sure to create that wow factor for your holiday visitors!

Door decor

1. Balloon VasesThese organic shaped, recycled glass vases are slightly misshapen to resemble classic inflatable balloons, bringing fun and whimsy—but also classic appeal—to your home's accent décor.

2. Morrocan Glass LanternAdd a unique global touch to your home with our Moroccan-inspired metal lanterns. Created out of glass and metal, this lantern is the essence of Moroccan-influenced architecture.

3. Star String LightsAdd them to your wreaths and garlands to create a much more festive look or just string them across a fireplace mantel or on a ledge to create a touch of farmhouse style at any time.

4. Pinecone and Berry Wreath- This wreath is sure to ignite holiday spirit with a mixture of fresh eucalyptus, salal, and accented with vibrant pepper berries & pine cones.

5. Natural Birch LED Light TreesNaturally inspired, these indoor/outdoor accent trees are modeled after natural birch trees. They feature sprawling, bendable branches, which are strewn with hundreds of warm white, mini LED lights.

6. Rustic Iron Reindeer Tealight HoldersUse these capricious and delightful reindeer to create an adorable holiday display with the set of all 3 Reindeer Tea Light Holders. Each metal reindeer has a spot to hold a tea light or LED tea light candle.

7. Temple Bells- Hung from a simple but sturdy piece of twine, each brass-plated steel bell is burnished to shimmer and shine like gold. Each bell is fitted with wooden clappers and available in a variety of sizes.

8. Galvanized Metal Farmhouse Magnolia WreathThis unique all galvanized metal wreath can be used at the holidays or have it displayed all year round! This galvanized metal magnolia wreath is an impressive piece to have around your home.

9. Natural Floral Design Coir MatOur hand-stenciled doormats are made using fade-resistant vegetable dyes on all-natural coir. Designed to trap dirt and withstand harsh heels and rugged boots, it is crafted by skilled artisans from densely woven renewable coconut husk fibers.

Fri Nov 09 00:00:00 EST 2018 Alessandra Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Nov 07 00:00:00 EST 2018

The history of Kantha began as a necessity for keeping warm over 500 centuries ago. Bengali women with little money would sew together their discarded sari cloth, piecing together a repurposed blanket. Over time, women would pass on their skilled sewing knowledge to daughters which transformed necessity into valued pieces of heirloom items. Treasured Kantha were given as wedding gifts and some held stories woven through the Kantha cloth. Today we cherish these beautifully embroidered pieces and have designed items that incorporate these traditional techniques into unique home goods with a story. We love how each is different making our holiday Kantha story one-of-a-kind. 

Kantha Collage

1. Recycled Kantha Decorative Wreath -this recycled sari fabric decorative wreath features an assortment of colors created with the use of recycled cotton saris ornamented with Kantha embroidery and handcrafted details. 

2. Recycled Sari Table Linen Collection- The collection of placemats and table runners are handmade in India by artisans who carefully collect pieces of vintage and upcycled fabrics to create elaborate patterns and colors.

3. Upcycled Kantha Throw- Hang on the back of a chair or lay at the end of your bed for a splash of vibrant color.  We love to turn our throw into a Christmas Tree Skirt for the holidays! Patterns, colors and size will vary because each Kantha throw is different from the next. 

4. Sari Bead GarlandColorful beads made from recycled Kantha textiles are strung into a long, festive garland.

5.Recycled Sari Fabric Jewelry- Add a pop of color to your festive attire! These intricately made peices of jewelry make a statement at your next gathering. 

6. Vintage Patchwork Kantha StockingHand-sewn and embroidered by artisans in India, each stocking provides a livelihood for women in poor communities and gives their children the opportunity to live better, more productive lives.

Find all of our Kantha collection items on our site and make your holiday decor a one-of-a-kind story!

Top left image by She Kantha, middle photograph of women by Geoff Bugbee

Wed Nov 07 00:00:00 EST 2018 Alessandra Artisan Stories  Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Nov 07 00:00:00 EST 2018

Decorating with our recycled ornaments can provide a beautiful alternative to most traditional holiday decor. We've taken our Geometric Wreath and curated a collection of glass ornaments that provides a statement making display! We've asked our talented stylist Luke to provide a detailed how-to showing you how we pull together this fabulous look over a fireplace.

The Geometric wreath provides you with an opportunity to get creative because of its neutral tone and architectural frame. You can choose from the array of varied ornaments that we have sourced from all over the world!


1. Quartz Crystal and Gold-Tipped OrnamentsThe facets of these stunning crystals catch and hold light, shimmering like icicles on your wreath as they dangle from their silk ribbons.

2. Confetti Recycled Glass Ornaments- 100% recycled glass and handblown, each ornament is adorned with hundreds of tiny multi-color glass particles, giving it a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

3. Olive Wood Trio of Ornaments Laser-cut from sustainably sourced Italian Olive wood, this beautiful collection features a Pine Tree, Snowflake and Round Ornament.

4. Driftwood Starfish OrnamentsThese handmade starfish ornaments are handcrafted with small pieces of driftwood. Each star is unique and has a sisal hanger attached for hanging on the wall.

5. Birds of a Feather OrnamentsThis distinctive set of clear ornaments contains a wide assortment of authentic, unique bird feathers. Together they create an awe-inspiring feathery display of contrasting patterns and stripes.

6. Geometric Wire WreathPerfectly faceted modern wreath that offers multiple points of dimensional interest and casts a beautiful geometric pattern on the wall.

7. Mini Temple Bell OrnamentsCrafted from rustic brass-plated steel, these bell ornaments, suspended from rope loops, shimmer like burnished gold.

8. Speckled Mercury Glass Ornamnets These stunning ornament reflects the essence of refined rustic Mercury glass. These ornaments are unique in their look compared to regular glass ornaments, and they offer so much beauty for your holiday decor. 


9. Maya Recycled Glass SphereHandmade by skilled artisans using glass salvaged from discarded soda bottles, these ornaments sparkle delicately nestled among a wreath or tree.

10. Polished Horn OrnamentsEach of these unique ornaments is fair trade and handmade by artisans in Uganda using all natural cattle horn.

11. Copper Hanging Dove OrnamentA delicate addition to let soar in your garden. This sweet antiqued copper dove holds an olive branch and offers a peaceful presence on your wreath.

12. Olive Wood Animal Ornament Set- Go wild with these beautiful, sustainable Italian olive wood animal ornaments. Featuring a reindeer, penguin, rhinoceros, polar bear, lion and moose. Each piece is laser-cut for precision detailing.

13. Succuelent OrnamentsWhether hung on a holiday tree or a wreath, these diverse live succulents are great conversation pieces.

14. Laguna Recycled Glass OrnamentsClear recycled glass is dappled with white bits of color, transforming salvaged glass soda bottles into beautiful one-of-a-kind ornaments.

15. Drifwood Tree OrnamentsThis all-natural driftwood tree sculpture will make a beautiful addition in your wreath or tree. These also are a great gift idea.

Wed Nov 07 00:00:00 EST 2018 Alessandra Interior Decorating & Design 
Mon Oct 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

The purpose this clean and simple design style served at the time of its onset remains the purpose it serves today: Its sleek design fits perfectly in smaller spaces and it blends in with any other décor. I don't know if there's another time period with such an amount of creative, beautiful, and highly-functional design in home furnishings. In just the last 50 years, mid-century design as reemerged as the new cool thing at least five times, and I expect it will be the cool new thing five more times in the next 50 to come.

Designers and tastemakers are continually trying to identify what the next "mid-century modern" might be—and we here at VivaTerra are no exception. While there's been a clear shift away from fully outfitted Mid-Century Modern interiors, towards a more eclectic look that mixes pieces from different eras, I don't think these designs will ever truly fade away. It will be a long time before we see another iconic style that has it's the strength and staying power. Tuscan, Art Deco—the list goes on— have a distinct look and have certainly had their heyday. Yet, no style can compete with the versatility and accessibility of mid-century modern pieces.

The majority of mid-century designs had already gone out of fashion by the late 60's but managed to reemerge in the mid-eighties when interest in the period began to peak again. Within no time mid-century designs were back in vogue. Both designers and home owners were enamored by the crisp clean lines and simple construction. In the 90's, collectors began to pay top dollar for original designs, with pieces selling for $10,000 or more. By 1999, a truly unique mid-century, George Nelson Marshmallow sofa, sold for $66,000!

Because we admire this iconic style and understand the value of a piece that represents the original principles of this design movement, we aim to stay true to the expectations of a mid-century inspired design while still incorporating a handcrafted, sustainably harvested wood product. Designs within our Vintage Fir™ Collection reflect a true mid-century look while using reclaimed California Fir lumber, lumber that likely came from buildings during the era when the style first became popular.

If you love Mid-Century Modern pieces, you'll love many of the furnishings from our new Fall 2017 collections. Our beautiful and functional consoles are all handcrafted from sustainably harvested Sheesham or Mango wood and the York Studio Collection combines refined woods, crisp lines, and an understated appearance to create a mid-century inspired, urban environment anywhere.

Mon Oct 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Aurelia Ytaka Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Gallery walls are not only an on-trend wall art solution, but they are perfect for setting the tone and style of a room in a way that a single statement wall piece often can’t. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I want it to say all-natural, but also be modern. Definitely Zen, but also a little rustic”, you’ll be hard pressed to find the perfect abstract painting that screams exactly that. With a collection of curated, smaller pieces however, each item in your gallery collection has its own voice. And when brought together, all of the pieces can harmoniously say just what you wanted them to say as a whole.

If you want to create your own natural, modern, Zen, yet rustic, VivaTerra style gallery wall, look no further than our fall collection. Full of linen canvas prints, natural materials, and unique wall art items, you’ll have a custom display in no time that sets the tone of your room perfectly. This example from our fall catalog is a great inspiration to start with! Let’s break down why it works…

Gallery Wall

1. Vintage Fir Trestle Console Table

It is important to know, of course, where you’re going to hang your new gallery. Over the couch or bed is a great choice, but they work nearly anywhere. If you are not placing your art over an existing furnishing piece, you may want to ground it with something like a slim console table. We choose our reclaimed wood console table because it says, “rustic” without a doubt.

2. Black & White Linen Sketch Prints

Using just a few coordinating sets of prints or other pieces really takes the guesswork out of creating your display. You know they go together—it’s that simple! By incorporating a set of art pieces, you kill two birds with one stone. Now you’ve got two items picked out, just a few more to go!

3. Face of Buddha Linen Canvas Print

Your next piece should coordinate with your first two, but also serve its own purpose on your wall. Here, Buddha definitely—and effortlessly—sets the tone to Zen-style. He also matches the first two items in shape, texture, and color.

*Tip: Lay your pieces out on the floor first to get a feel for spacing and position.

4. Reclaimed Barn Wood Three-Photo Frame

Not everything has to hang! Think of what’s below your assemblage of wall art as part of the gallery too. Our barn wood frame adds an additional rustic element and also adds a warm custom touch to the display by incorporating your personal memories.

5. Planters

Because what says, “all-natural” better than living décor? These planters add life and dimension to the wall. Plus, they offer both horizontal and vertical lines to pull the eye where you want it to go and to better fit your space. Think out of the box, your gallery can hold more than just traditional wall hangings—have fun.

6. Life is Beautiful Industrial Wall Sign

Sometimes when you know what you want your space to say, the best thing to do is just say it. Our industrial sign brings in an additional material and a bold finishing touch to top-off the entire look.

Shop our" target="_blank">full fall collection to find these pieces and many more that can help you create a gallery style wall display with signature VivaTerra Style!

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Warm weather has arrived and with it, a whole season of reasons to gather in the great outdoors. Moms, dads, grads, and more all bring us reasons to celebrate together. We know you’re always up to play the hostess, but is your outdoor space ready too? We have a list of everything you need to make your backyard, deck, or patio the perfect place to entertain.


Teak Table

The first and most essential item for preparing your space to be ideal for dining alfresco is the right dining pieces.  Your outdoor table and chairs need to strike the perfect balance between chic and durable. Our Four-Season Teak Table and Dotted Rattan Seating Collection effortlessly cover all the bases of outdoor décor. Teak wood is widely prized for its rich hue and natural resistance to moisture and decay. The Four-Season Table lives up to its name, as it an endure weather conditions all year round. Additionally, rattan's most notable natural quality is its strength, making the combination of the two ideal for your outdoor dining area.

Multi-Functional Pieces

Copper Drum

Silver Drum

Secondly, multi-functional furnishings are a must-have. Need another seat for an additional guest? Need a place to sit down a drink or a plate? The Copper and Silver Hammered Drum Collection can do it all. Stool, stand or side table, they are ready to serve any purpose that arises during your next gathering.  Plus, they add and elegant touch with their shimmering finish and handmade design. 

Patio Plants


Next, greenery of course! Plants not only give the area great look, they can be purposeful too. Many plants are natural bug repellants, which is an ideal solution to pest problems at outdoor gatherings. Here is a quick list of planted patio additions and what they repel:

Each of the following plants will deter mosquitos:

  • Agastache cana, catmint (in a study at Iowa State University, researchers found that the essential oil in catnip, nepetalactone, is 10 times more effective than DEET, the chemical used in most insect repellents), basil, lavender, scented geraniums, beebalm, marigolds, and cedronella.
  • Rosemary repels mosquitoes, deters cabbage moths and carrot flies.
  • Mint deters beetles, fleas, moths, chiggers, mice, and ants.
  • Rue is especially good at keeping away flies, Japanese beetles, slugs, fleas, and even cats.
  • Wormwood (Artemisia) will deter a variety of insects including ticks, flies and moths.

These plants will make your guest more comfortable, and many of them can be handy for the cook of the house too. Rosemary, basil and mint are even great cocktail additions!

Mood Lighting

Zen Fire Pit

Lastly, bring on the ambience. Outdoor string lights, candles, or (our favorite) a fire pit, will give your space an ambient glow as the evening light wanes, but your gathering does not. The Zen Fire Pit is a striking beauty on its own, and becomes completely mesmerizing when lit.  Or, for a subtler glow, our battery-operated LED string lights are an easy accent that a light nearly anywhere your heart desires. 

With these outdoor décor necessities your space will be more than ready for a celebratory season with friends and family. Shop our collections below and get ready for patio perfection!

Summer Hosting, Serving & Patio Décor

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Have you seen it yet? Our new holiday collection is here! This year it’s full of beautiful styles that are classic must-haves for the season, but of course, with an eco-friendly twist. Exactly what is in our collection you ask? We’d be happy to explain… 

1. An Expanded Collection of Brazilian Soapstone Cookware

single soapstone pot set of three soapstone pots

Just in time for or holiday cooking and entertaining, we’ve expanded our gorgeous collection of soapstone cookware. With three new pots in three new larger sizes, it’s ready to accommodate meal making for family, friends and then some. Learn more about the benefits of cooking with stoneware here.

2. New Functional & Eco-Friendly Furniture

Vintage Fir Console Cabinet rajaj pffoce furnishings

Our new Reclaimed Fir Wooden Console Table is a perfect example of classic style with an eco-twist! It has a bit of a traditional look and lots of handy storage space, while also being built of reclaimed, earth-friendly materials. You can also check out our Rajah Mango Wood office furnishings for a very VivaTerra eco-home office update. 

3. Shimmering Décor Accents

brass hanging votives Geo Angle Metallic Frames

The holiday season is known for shine and our collection has that covered. Two of our favorites are the Beaded Brass and Wire Hanging Votive Holders and the set of three mixed metal Geo Angle Metallic Frames. Both items are effortless additions to any room and blend in elegantly all year long—Which is a good thing because after the holidays you won't be ready to put them away.

4. Global Inspiration

block print beddinghandwoven baskets

Artisan-crafted, global style is never too far out of reach for us. We searched the globe this season to bring you a bold new block print bedding set and a full collection of Handwoven Guatemalan Display Baskets. Our Blue Block-Printed Patchwork Mix Bedding introduces eye-catching pattern into your sustainably-styled bedroom, while our handmade baskets bring in bright color and natural texture.

5. Tried & True Traditional Holiday Décor

Holiday Hand Hooked Wool Pillowstasseled indian Lantern ornaments

We didn’t forget those accents and accessories that no holiday home would be complete without! More nostalgic holiday scenes have been added to our collection of Hand-Hooked Wool pillows, which abound with charm and add an extra cozy feel to the season. Additionally, we are offering a unique selection of handcrafted ornaments this season. You can trim the traditional tree in a completely non-traditional style. Our ornaments are inspired by Indian hanging lanterns and can even be illuminated from within using a battery operated flameless light source.

See these eco-chic holiday items and more in our catalog (landing on doorsteps today!) on our site here. We hope your holiday home is full of joy and sustainable style!

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Our Summer 2016 collection is brimming with the tones and materials of Mother Nature, displays of time-honored methods of craftsmanship, texture, bright color, unique design, and the traces of human touch on each artisan crafted product. As always, our mission in selecting these products remains to help you transform your home into an eco-sanctuary. From sourcing and selecting, to styling and photographing, and finally printing and mailing, we pour time and care into every step of the process before these items land in our catalog and into your hands. As you flip through its pages, have you ever wondered how it’s all done? Well, we are going to give you a behind the scenes sneak peek at not only one of our favorite photo locations, but also a look around the location of one of our close neighbors in our home, Virginia. 

Meet Early Mountain Vineyard:

Early Mountain Winery

Located in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Early Mountain Vineyards is a part of the well-known Monticello Wine Trail. The trail and land around it is steeped in American history. In fact, the first owner of the land that Early Mountain now calls home was Revolutionary-war veteran, Lt. Joseph Early, who served General George Washington at Valley Forge. And ironically, the story goes that Lt. Early was home one night and caught wind that there was a traveler in the region seeking shelter for the night. He sent out word that the weary wanderer was welcomed into his home, and low and behold when he arrived, it was Washington himself. While this is certainly a unique fact about the vineyard—“George Washington was here”—the story's true significance is the spirit of generous hospitality it tells us embodies the land. Early Mountain’s owners Jean and Steve Case have made it their mission, and some would say passion, to keep this hospitable spirit at the heart of their vineyard.

Adding to the hospitable vibe is the beauty you’ll see at the vineyard indoors and out. From the charming décor to the rolling mountain views, it’s easy to feel welcomed here. Take a look at some of the breathtaking views below, as well as a few of our favorite shots from our last visit to Early Mountain Vineyard.

Early Mountain Winery Photo 2

Photo Credit:Paula Bartosiewicz


Early Mountain Winery Photo 3

Photo Credit: Andrea Hubbell


Early Mountain Winery Photo 3

Photo Credit: Andrea Hubbell


Early Mountain Winery with VivaTerra Chair

Early Mountain Winery Photo 4

Photo Credit: Andrea Hubbell


wooden slotted bench

Early Mountain Winery Outdoor Dining

Photo Credit:Paula Bartosiewicz


Early Mountain Winery Interior Room

Photo Credit: Andrea Hubbell


Early Mountain Winery Rattan Sofa

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Journeys  Thoughts 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Often times when we hear “Zen-style” we imagine a space filled with minimal texture, smooth surfaces, clean lines, and an array of cool, nearly colorless tones. But in our newest holiday collection, we dared to break the mold and prove that Zen-style can go bold! We call the look “Daring Zen.”

Daring Zen RoomIn lieu of a colorless landscape, we splashed the walls with a statement-making deep blue/green applied with a textural technique. Don’t be concerned that the addition of bold color to steer you away from traditional, textbook Zen. Your space can still evoke serenity and clean natural style without the use of a 100% neutralized palette. You’ll see we added bright, complementary colored accents in as well. But the bright citron green color graces the surface of our organically shaped, recycled glass balloon vases, which gives them a natural and free-formed feeling that fits the Zen standard. The pillows, throws and larger furnishings we kept neutral but textural and unique!

The real star of our daring Zen space is our new Sheesham Wood Table Collection. These pieces feature the clean lines and natural material you expect to see in a Zen-style room but are pulled back into a more nontraditional realm by their dark stain and sturdy construction. Not only do they help to ground the space and bring cohesion, but they add extreme versatility to your home. Each piece is completely multifunctional and can find itself at home in almost any room. The E-shaped Table and the Nested Cube Table can each be used and styled a variety of ways. The Multifunctional Table/Bench (shown here as a coffee table) can be used as shown in a living space, places in an entryway or foyer as a bench, or at the foot of a bed. One of the best features of this set is the pieces ability to bring cohesiveness to single space or be used individually throughout your home.

sheesham wood table collection

Our new Sheesham Wood Table Collection

All of the elements in this space are a mix of handmade, sustainable, and artisan-designed pieces that help you capture a totally fresh interpretation of calming Zen-style décor. From our sheesham wood tables to our eco-linen sofa, you’ll rest easy in your peaceful space surrounded by these daring, eco-chic designs. 

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Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

The all-new summer collection has arrived! With the weather warming up and the sun shining longer into the day, we've got our sights set on summer days and nights. Not to mention all the must-haves that just landed on our wish lists for updated outdoor décor, entertaining essentials and refreshed interior style. Luckily, our summer collection covers it all, from eco-friendly dinner and serveware to elegant outdoor furnishings. Your summer catalog will be on your doorstep before you know it, but take a look below for a peek at some of our favorite new additions!

Vintage Fir Modern Century Bedroom Set

An addition to our Vintage Douglas Fir Collection, this bedroom suite features reclaimed, characteristically rustic Douglas fir salvaged from razed American buildings. Yet, clean lines and modernized styling defines this set. The combination yields sustainable, handcrafted pieces with timeless beauty and timeworn character.

vintage fir bedroom furniture


Rattan Settee + “Lucky” the Handcarved Elephant Table

Feeling the veranda vibes? All natural rattan furnishings are the perfect addition to your porch, deck or patio. Durable and beautiful, they'll last as long as their classic style will. And if you're interested in adding a unique twist, you should meet Lucky, our hand carved Laotian elephant table. Pairing the two together gives your outdoor space that “far away” feeling that we love relaxing into at then end of breezy summer day.

rattan sofa


Aurora + Color Cast Dinnerware

Cool colors, a light translucence, organic shapes and eco-friendly recycled glass construction-could these complementary dinnerware collections be anymore perfect for summer dining? Aurora dinnerware features a variety of unique shapes and transparent, smoke-like pattern that swirls throughout the glass. While Color Cast exhibits simple forms and rippling recycled glass tinted in calming color varieties. Together, the two lay out a tablescape perfectly fit for cool lingering summer nights.

2016 summer dinnerware


Reclaimed Teak Crossbeam Table + Dotted Rattan Bistro Chairs

String up some twinkle lights and call it a night; this character filled combo is all you need for a perfect outdoor dining set up. Crafted from richly colored and ultra durable reclaimed teakwood, our new crossbeam table is a great one to gather around (indoors or out). Accented with our brightly colored rattan bistro chairs, you've got a dinner setting with all the charm of a European countryside café.

2016 summer outdoor dining

To see more sustainable summer collections, keep an eye on your mailbox and browse online here!

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Health Living and Home 
Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017

When It Comes to Decorating Your Apartment, Go Green… But Stay Chic

Over the past few years, the apartment-hunting experts at ABODO have noticed two overriding trends: People of all ages are moving back to city centers to rent, and they’re looking to live in environmentally-conscious buildings. Living in the city shortens commutes and lessens carbon emissions. And advances in eco-friendly construction are making a marked difference in energy consumption. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified buildings — which are built from sustainable materials to save energy and water, and to limit harmful gas emissions —are expected to save up to $1.2 billion in energy costs between 2012 and 2018.

But what about the interior of your apartment? How can you extend the noble effort to conserve energy, limit harmful emissions, and increase efficiency inside your apartment, while still presenting an elegant, impeccably-designed interior? We’ve got a few ideas.

Compost… Even Inside

Smart composter

You might think that composting your food waste is only possible if you have a yard… and a large, unsightly bucket. But indoor composting is possible, even without a worm farm. Electric composters like the Smart Cara Food Recycling System are energy-efficient, quiet, and easy to use. They’re also sleek and small enough to fit under your kitchen sink.

Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood bench table

Furniture made from reclaimed wood doesn’t just look good—it minimizes your impact on the world’s forests. Reclaimed wood is stronger than most synthetic material, and every piece is unique, with a patina that implies a long and rich history. Pieces like this reclaimed Indonesian teak side table are stylish, sturdy, and sustainable.

Recycled Glass

glass balloon vases

The high heat necessary to melt sand, dolomite, and other materials into glass leads to the production of greenhouse gasses. Recycled glass doesn’t require as much heat, substantially reducing emissions. And though you don’t have much control over the windows in your apartment, recycled glass is great for plates, bowls, and kitchen utensils. These recycled glass vases could add a whimsical, homespun touch to your dining or living room.

All Natural Fabrics, Ethically Sourced

VivaTerra Towel

Natural fabrics like wool and cotton are soft, breathable, and look great. Plus, it’s relatively easy to find fair trade, ethically made products that are also completely natural. These striped bath towels are 100% cotton and are made by female artisans in Ethiopia. They’re also fair trade, which means that the people who make them are compensated fairly for their work.

Furniture That Supports the Earth… and Your Back

VivaTerra Eco-Linen Settee

You can have ethically sourced, 100% natural textiles on top of your bed or your couch, but what about the inside? Many mattresses and couch cushions are filled with synthetic materials whose production leaves a huge carbon footprint. Consider soy-filled couch cushions or a mattress made from coconut husk fibers, latex made from rubber sap, or memory foam with a high plant-oil content. And don’t fall for marketing gimmicks: Make sure your product is certified by a trusted third-party organization, like OEKO Tex Standard 100 or Global Organic Textile Standard, both of which ensure that producers conform to exacting sustainability standards.

Wed Aug 16 00:00:00 EDT 2017 ABODO Interior Decorating & Design  Eco Tips 
Thu Jan 12 00:00:00 EST 2017

Our newest winter collection has just arrived, and with it comes some all-new VivaTerra ventures! We are excited to introduce you to some luxurious new housewares that are staples for a tranquil, eco-friendly home. Here are some of the highlights of our new collection! 

Classic Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets & Shams

Crafted in Egypt, these exquisitely soft 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, 300 thread count sheet and sham sets offer the ideal blend of comfort and durability.  A tailored double needle treatment adds the finishing touch of sophistication and classic style. They also boast the label of being environmentally-friendly by meeting the standards for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and are dyed and finished by processes that are safe for humans and the environment alike. Beautiful, green, and durable, every piece is also machine washable and dryer safe!

Classic Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover and Sham Sets

Classically styled in 100% long staple Egyptian cotton with tailored double needle treatment, these gorgeous 300 thread count duvet and sham sets perfectly blend comfort, style and durability. The duvet features ties and hidden button closures. They also boast the label of being environmentally-friendly by meeting the standards for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and are dyed and finished by processes that are safe for humans and the environment alike. Every piece is also machine washable and dryer safe.

winter duvets

Down Filled Utility Bedding (Including Duvet Inverts, Blankets, and Pillow Inserts)

Our hypoallergenic down filled utility bedding lays the perfect foundation for an eco-friendly and luxurious night’s sleep. Made from soft and breathable 100% down-proof cotton, you’ll sleep in plush, natural comfort and never be poked by a cruelty-free, farm-sourced down feather!
Our comforters and duvet inserts provide just the right amount of fill for your duvet covers. The shell fabric is woven of 100 percent cambric cotton, with a 233 thread count and a 10-inch box-stitch style pattern, making it beautiful displayed by itself for a more minimal bedding look as well. However you choose to use them, you’ll enjoy the natural warmth and comfort they provide.
Our pillow inserts give your decorative pillows just the right amount of filling and leave them comfortable for use, as well as display, with a shell filled with 95/5 white duck feather/down. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from decorative to standard bed sizes.

winter duvets

Premium Carded Cotton Towels

Made with 100% premium carded cotton, theses timeless terry towels are downy and absorbent. Light, soft, yet still cozy, they are perfect for year-round use and display. Classically styled with a plush terry loop construction and simplistic finishes, they offer your bath a clean and luxurious look and feel. Every towel is well made in Brazil to ensure durability and years of stylish use.

premium carded cotton bath linens

Thu Jan 12 00:00:00 EST 2017 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Health Living and Home 
Wed Aug 24 00:00:00 EDT 2016

Our newest collection has just arrived and it’s full of the décor, accessories and apparel you need to ready your eco-home and closet for fall. Natural materials, rich texture, and warm colors define the collection and organically produce a style with a modern, earthy feel. From the dining room and kitchen to your bed, bath and living spaces, the VivaTerra Fall 2016 Collection will have your home outfitted for the season.

Dining & Dinnerware

Our fall dining collection draws its inspiration from across the globe. The assortment reflects and honors traditional Japanese stoneware and ceramic artistry, which is known for creating pieces with unique glazes and beautiful finishes. The cultural influence can be seen in the style and shapes of each item; take for example Japanese tea ceremony, which inspired our teacups, pots, and tea sets.

dinnerware Ishi Teacups dinnerware terra green dinnerware tea pot tea cups



Our lighting collection emanates ambient warmth, inspired by fireside fall nights and the warm hues of the season. A mix of natural materials and subtle metallic shine give your home an understated chic touch.

lighting branch lamp Lighting Pendant Lamp


Home Accents

Mix it up with pattern play and subtle shine, plus add a green element to your space with living décor! Planters and vases with cut flowers or foliage bring the outdoors into your home. Fill the walls and shelves in your home with eye-catching accents that make the space feel more unique. From canvas prints to candles, the fall collection has the little extras that bring the season to life.

plant stands decor dipped vases decor decor flower candle decor canvas prints


Hosting & Entertaining

Our hosting and entertaining extras make it easy to add an eco-touch to your events. All natural materials and unique designs help set the tone at the table. Not to mention, these pieces make great hostess gifts!

Silk Table Runnerglass hang tags



Our furnishings for fall are all about simple silhouettes and gorgeous natural wood, including sheesham, mango, and eucalyptus wood. We can’t say we have a favorite, but we are loving the Multi-Function Mango Wood Storage Cube & Accent Table. It is a beautiful and versatile piece that can easily find a home anywhere in your home!

Furniture Cube 1 furniture cube 2 furniture cube 3 furniture cube 4


Shop the entire collection and bring our signature style to your modern, earth-inspired home. 

Wed Aug 24 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Tue Jul 12 00:00:00 EDT 2016

Have you seen them yet? Our recently arrived nature-made designs are ideal additions for your eco-home! Welcome the cooled-off colors, traditional patterns, and unique styles of our midsummer collection.

Japanese BowlsJapanese Bowls

The newly-released collection, drawing inspiration from the world around us, replicates many forms of nature and makes use of raw & earth-friendly materials.

Japanese BowlsJapanese Bowls

Shop furniture & accents designed to turn your home into an eco-chic midsummer's dream...

Tue Jul 12 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Mon Jun 20 00:00:00 EDT 2016

Are you a designer, stylist, builder, or involved in another profession that allows you to supply furniture and décor for commercial reasons? Do you know someone who is? In either case, we want to make sure you’re in-the-know about VivaTerra’s Trade Program. Membership comes by application and approval only, but our process is simple and fast. Approved members receive a 10% discount on all orders, plus discounts can increase depending on order totals.

Follow the link here to apply, or copy the link URL and send to a friend or firm you know would appreciate it!

Once you are a member, or if you are already, we would love to see your work! Snap a photo—or a few—of our products in your beautifully designed space and share it with us at Or if you want to share socially, tag us on instagram and share on our Facebook.

Instagram is where we spotted the work of Butler Rambush. Calling all designers and design lovers alike, you need to see this space. The East Hampton Beach House designed by Butler Rambusch—a New Jersey based interior design firm run by two accomplished design partners, Marcela Butler and Marjorie Rambusch—is a beautiful and globally-inspired space we think you have to take a look through.


living room

The home is a serene escape filled with natural textures and fibers, organic shapes, global pattern, raw materials and traditional artistry.


Lauren Hagerstrom Bed with Dog

kantha bathroom

Guest Bedroom Rugs

A soft earthy palette is accent by pops of eye-catching color and bold pattern, such as kantha fabrics and kilim rugs.


Living Room Sofa

Wood Console

Bedroom Chairs

dining room table

Well made wooden furniture and classic linen grace many of the room, while texture is brought in through rich textiles and woven accents.


VivaTerra Dresser

There are certainly some eco-pieces in the home too! How do we know? Because we found our Vintage Fir Modern Dresser nestled between two striking kantha-covered headboards.  


Lauren Hagerstrom Kitchen

We adore the merging of modern amenities and classic style with the added flair of traditional crafts and cultural arts from around the world.


Wood Console

If this beautiful home has you feeling inspired, browse our collection below, which includes pieces of our Vintage Fir Collection, kantha pillows, artisan-woven baskets and more. Plus, take a peep at some more Butler and Rambusch designed homes!

Mon Jun 20 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Health Living and Home 
Tue May 17 00:00:00 EDT 2016

The Muromachi Period in Japan was a time of significant growth and development in Japanese arts and culture. Many of the rituals, cultural practices and forms of artistry we attribute to Japan today found their beginning in this period of time. Some notable developments in particular include the rise of the Japanese tea ceremony, the start of Noh Theater, the shoin style of Japanese architecture, and the transformative arrival of the Japanese Zen garden.

Japanese Zen gardens are traditionally called karesansui, which translates to “dry mountain water”. We see their arrival in the Muromachi period come out of the reinterpretation of traditional Chinese gardens. At the time, gardens in China featured water ponds with island-like rock formations strewn throughout them. The evolution towards the Japanese style Zen garden was marked most notably by the replacement of water with raked sand—hence the translation, “dry mountain water”. (Reference:

If you want to create one of these tranquilly symbolic gardens yourself, you’ll need a few key elements:

1. Inspiration:

Observing the simplistic and natural beauty of well-known ancient Zen gardens will be a great first step in achieving your own Zen-inspired space. Observe their key features and think about how they can translate to your own environment.

Ryoan Ji Garden

Ryōan-ji (image credit)

Daisen in Garden

Tenryū-ji (image credit)

2. Sand:

Remember, the sand element of your garden should take the place of water and therefore resemble its pattern, flow and behavior. Lay it as the foundation to “fill up” all areas of your garden where water would stand or flow.

3. Stone Elements:

Once your sand foundation is laid, you can place the stone elements of your garden. This is your interpretation of a Zen garden for your own home and your own enjoyment, so have fun with it. You can place large or small stone, stacks of stones, or even stone statues and symbols. We love the arched stone tealight holders to add both stone elements and ambiance to your space. Suitable for indoors and out, they can help you bring Zen-inspiration to literally any space. A meditative Buddha statue can also set the mood for thoughtful calm in your Zen-space.

4. Finishing Touches:

Lastly, add any finishing touches you feel with bring serenity and tranquility to the area. Moss is a popular element in the traditional gardens, or you can add other greenery. Potted plants, small trees (like the Japanese Maple), or bamboo give a nice look and add life to the space. A wooden arch, simple stool or bench can be functional and also visually interesting. Maybe wind chimes or even a gong? Once you have placed these details, all you have left to do is rake your sand. Or, of course, your can take a lower maintenance approach and simply smooth it out.

Shop our favorites Zen designs below to select perfectly peaceful additions for your indoor or outdoor Zen-spirational space!


Tue May 17 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Fri Apr 15 00:00:00 EDT 2016

Justina Blakeney is a girl gone wild in the best way possible. A figurehead in the world of bohemian style, Justina is leading the charge on inspiring spaces filled with bold color & pattern, modern style, and signature boho flair (also, plants, a lot of plants). She is a designer, artist, blogger at, and the author of the New Your Times best-selling book The New Bohemians. And now, she is also the visionary behind a collection of breathtakingly bold Loloi pillows and rugs.

Wild patterns, eye-catching colors and outlandish texture define the collection and assure a transformative style update for any room in which the pieces are placed. The collection, a collaboration with Loloi, is made using all natural materials. And as always, you can count on our Loloi pillows (Justina’s and otherwise) to be stuffed with plush natural down filling. View some of her pieces and inspiring spaces here, and be sure to shop Justina’s wild designs in our new Summer Collection!


Loloi red rugs

Loloi Aqua Rug close up

Loloi Rugs in Boho Room

Loloi Blue Rug up close


Shop Our New Loloi Collection →

Fri Apr 15 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Artisan Stories  Interior Decorating & Design 
Tue Mar 15 00:00:00 EDT 2016

It’s no secret that metallics are a big part of the housewares & home décor categories. A shimmering accent can effortlessly add an eye-catching pop to any space, or a large gilded furnishing can make a major impact. We see gleaming side tables, flatware, light fixtures, and even metallic fibers woven into home textiles. But, where is our current favorite location to add this twinkling trend? The kitchen.

Our metal of choice for the kitchen is copper. This is because it’s the most practical; it’s a durable conductor of heat and makes sense due to the utilitarian nature of kitchen design. But also because it’s the perfect kind of shine between silver and gold. Silver can be too cold in color, and because it’s more commonly used, can lack the “wow factor” you’re looking to add to your room. On the other hand, gold can be too over-the-top; finding the line between tasteful and tacky with this metallic can be challenging. Copper, however, with its bright shine and warm tone, is a perfect middleground for your kitchen space.

Our new spring Copper-Plated Wire Storage Collection makes it easier than ever to introduce this material into the heart of your home. Each piece offers a practical and stylish storage solution that is imperative to both kitchen décor and functionally. Keep spices, cookbooks, utensils and more stored, organized and always within your reach without looking like you’ve left them lying out or creating and eyesore for the sake of functionality in your space. Shop the collection and see our gallery below for chic copper-accented kitchens.


Shop All Eco-Friendly Kitchen Storage and Supplies →


Copper Trends from Around the Web

Pink Copper Kitchen Accents Featured on

Pink Copper Kitchen Accents


DIY Copper Kitchen Hook Project from

DIY Copper Hook Project from Apartment Therapy

Tue Mar 15 00:00:00 EDT 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design 
Mon Mar 07 00:00:00 EST 2016

Check out the March 2016 issue of HGTV Magazine for a few ways to "be a little more daring with your decorating". We are particularly fond of #4, a great styling tip for our bright fuchsia recycled glass vase.

For even more bold color options, shop the rest of our Colors of Summer vase collection and new additions from our fresh Spring Collection.

See the article online here!

Mon Mar 07 00:00:00 EST 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  In the Press 
Fri Feb 26 00:00:00 EST 2016

We are really loving a recent tour and photo session of a Tennessee family’s fashionable home done by HGTV Magazine. It's brimming with understated cool, unique details and some eco-friendly accents. We are into the look and even spotted a few familiar designs! Check out some of our favorite rooms below:

The Living Room

HGTV Living Room

(Photo courtsey of

Take a peep at the mantle, see anything you love? We do!— Recycled Glass Balloon Vases. As a VivaTerra signature décor accent, we believe the reasons to love these vases speak for themselves. The rippling recycled glass beautifully diffuses light while the organic shapes give an artistic, sculptural feel. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they are perfect to place nearly anywhere in your home. A single vase acts as a charming addition on a counter or shelf, while a group of them can be used to make a big statement such as a centerpiece. Glass artisans in Spain handcraft each one, so they truly are one-of-a-kind. And wherever you choose to display them, you can feel good about their affect on your décor as well as our environment, because each is crafted using 100% recycled glass. Shop them here: Recycled Glass Vases

Now the couch…spot anything there? We’ll give you a hint—they show up again in the bedroom:

HGTV Bedroom

(Photo courtsey of

Loloi Pillows! Our Loloi pillow collection is first and foremost, we’ll be honest, a real looker. Full of unique patterns and textures that will elevate your interior accessorizing to the next level, the collection has a genuinely high-style visual appeal. And while each pillow’s beauty is evident through a multitude of senses, what you can’t see or feel is just as important. Our pillows are constructed from natural fibers, never synthetics, and stuffed with 100% down-filled inserts. Additionally, many are created by Indian artisans using hand-weaving techniques and other traditional means in their construction. The artisan-made quality and unique look of these pillows allows them to easily find a home within your home. Shop them here: Loloi Pillow Collection

Take the full house tour at and get inspired by all of the great style elements in this Tennessee home!

Fri Feb 26 00:00:00 EST 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Health Living and Home 
Fri Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2016

The world outside our homes is full of irritants—seasonal allergens, standstill traffic, that one overly-talkative neighbor. And although our homes feel like refuge from external troubles, fumes from paint and other building materials, as well as from synthetic carpeting, fireplaces, mold, and any number of other toxins are regularly filling our living rooms—and the air we breathe.

The Daily Mail reports that more than 900 different chemicals could be present indoors at any time, including the dangerous substances formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, and benzene. At their most innocuous, these agents are linked to itchy eyes and coughing, but in their more nefarious forms, they can cause cancer, heart disease, and other serious ailments.

 That may be enough to put you into a cold sweat for sure, but luckily there is one thing you can do to purify the air in your home and keep your stress levels from sailing off the charts. Houseplants don’t just add a pretty note of color to your kitchen window, they also work hard to restore sanity and purity to your space. An often-quoted study from NASA showed that, in addition to adding precious oxygen back to the air, many plants do double duty, filtering out toxic chemicals to keep enclosed spaces healthier and cleaner. Of course, some species do more heavy lifting than others. If you’re looking to make your home a low-chemical paradise, these are your best bets for detoxifying.

Rubber Plants

They may be called rubber, but they’re 100 percent green, and are experts at taking formaldehyde out of a room. A member of the ficus family hailing from Southeast Asia, they do best with plenty of filtered bright light and moist soil.

Peace LiliyPeace Lily

The name just sounds like it will do wonders for your home. And it lives up to the hype: peace lilies help filter out acetone, a chemical given off by electronics. Despite their tranquil moniker, though, they’re mildly toxic to pets, so they work best in pet-free homes.

Broadleaf Lady Palm

All that bleach may kill off noxious bacteria, but the ammonia found in common cleaning agents can be harmful to your respiratory system. Undo the damage with one of these palms, which thrive with plenty of indirect sunlight and frequent watering.

Spider Plant

This is for all the black thumbs out there. Extra-hardy spider plants can stand up to almost any abuse you can dish out, only requiring occasional watering and repotting. Plus, they’re purifying pros—this overachiever removed 95 percent of toxic materials in its environment during NASA’s study.

Florist’s Chrysanthemum

Flowers aren’t just a pretty token for your sweetheart—they’ve also been shown to have a positive impact on depression and stress levels—and not just when they come attached with a loving missive. These mums possess all those benefits, plus air-improving aplomb. To keep their blossom power at its peak, make sure to fertilize about once a month.

Aloe VeraAloe Vera

This tough little succulent sucks down benezene—a chemical found in paint—like it’s a job. And when it comes to your health, it packs a double punch: the sticky juice inside its leaves makes a great salve for burns and bruises alike. Just make sure not to overwater, as there’s nothing it hates more.

Boston Fern

Not only do their frothy fronds absorb formaldehyde, ferns also release elevated levels of oxygen, increasing humidity levels, and making the air much cleaner and healthier. They do best in a cool area where they won’t be exposed to too much light, and they like to be kept moist—they even respond well to an occasional misting here and there to work their humidifying magic. With houseplants this helpful, you’ll breathe easier in no time!


About our contrubuting guest: Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin,Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Remodeling and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker and

Fri Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2016 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Eco Tips  Health Living and Home 
Fri Feb 05 00:00:00 EST 2016

Eco-friendly materials, artisan-made décor, and organic apparel—our new spring catalog and web collections have it all! All of your favorite things about VivaTerra with a bright & refreshing twist for the upcoming season. Naturally, we have a few favorites of our own, and we’d love to share!

Walk on the "wild side" with Lucky the Elephant, our newest favorite artisan-made design! Available as an accent table —you’re guaranteed to find a space for this lovable, hand-carved accent in your home. He is a perfect side table, a whimsical candleholder, or a charming shelf accent that we can’t get enough of.

Lets. Get. Organized. Our variety of conveniently sized and shaped hand-wired storage baskets are a revolution in organization. Bridging the gap between storage and style effortlessly, every one of them possesses a chic, modern look and is sized to fit your life. See the entire collection of Wire Storage Baskets now.

New season, new style. A fresh wave of organic cotton apparel from Indigenous has just landed on site! You’ll love the relaxed look and cool color palette, but you’ll love it even more once it lands in your closet. Each piece is handmade in Peru from super soft and breathable organic cotton fibers that are perfect for the upcoming transitional weather.

Look out for these new VivaTerra favorites, updated signature collections, and more in our catalog—due to land on your doorstep very soon!

Fri Feb 05 00:00:00 EST 2016 Bryn Huntpalmer Interior Decorating & Design  Thoughts 
Wed Jan 20 00:00:00 EST 2016

A rug—a floor protector, a step softener, and something so much more. While in our everyday lives rugs can serve important and practical purposes, in the big picture of our home’s décor they quite literally lay the foundation for the look and feel inside our homes. Bigger than your bed, your couch, or your dining table, your rug is the piece in your room that truly establishes the mood. Additionally, a rug is one of the most important items in your home that you live with. Whether it meets your toes every morning or it’s where you lay during movie night, your rug is something you’ll interact with many times every day. Between its practical application, significance to your décor, and every day roles in your home, we believe it is imperative your rug is well designed and well crafted.

Our current collection of rugs, offered only online, is sourced from a rapidly popularizing, innovative company in the rug and home textiles industry, Loloi. Starting over eleven years ago in Dallas, Texas, they began with a vision to create home textiles on the cutting edge of design, and that exhibited the quality and craftsmanship inherent to traditional forms of textile artistry. While Loloi offers a variety of style, pattern, color and material options, our selection includes only their rugs made with natural and eco-friendly materials, with most being constructed via hand knotting, hand tufting, or hand hooking methods. You can expect to see a range from bold bohemian patterns to subdued modern zen looks, bright color combinations and natural hues, and size and style options for any space in your home.

Shop our collection—now with free shipping—at and don’t forget to check out our Loloi pillow collection while you’re there. Plus, before shopping for a rug, we recommend you browse Rugs 101, Loloi’s comprehensive guide to rug materials, constructions, and styles. Once you make your choice, share your style with us—post a photo and tag @VivaTerra_ on Instagram #InspiredGreenLiving, or find us on Facebook!

Shop the Loloi Rugs & Pillows Collection

Tue Dec 08 00:00:00 EST 2015

Find great suggestions for home décor related gifts, including our Acacia Wood Serving Collection, on the

Shop the collection here!

Tue Dec 08 00:00:00 EST 2015 Kristen Interior Decorating & Design  In the Press 
Mon Aug 17 00:00:00 EDT 2015

VivaTerra’s signature style—you know it when you see it, but exactly what makes a space feel “very VivaTerra”? A room peppered with some of our signature pieces certainly helps, recycled glass balloon vases, reclaimed wood beds, and teak root bowls, just to name a few. Items that possess a certain beauty in their simplicity, inspired by and reflecting nature, that are produced with the good of the earth in mind. And these are the qualities that also fill a VivaTerra space.

For us, VivaTerra’s look—our look—covers two distinct and sometimes overlapping styles: Refined Rustic, and Upscale Zen. Refined Rustic encompasses most of our reclaimed wood products and designs that, while modern, bring a warm and natural feel to the home. Clean lines bring in an upscale, contemporary feeling, and harmonize perfectly with raw, natural materials to bring about truly unique and beautiful results.

Upscale Zen style emphasizes calming neutral colors, Buddha imagery, clean lines, and overall high quality, beautiful décor made from eco-friendly materials. For us, Zen is more than Buddha motifs—even though our Buddha statues and accents are among some of our favorites—it is about evoking a general sense of calm, balance, and serenity, which is genuinely reflected in our signature selections.

 In the details of both VivaTerra styles, you will find some constant characteristics that reflect both our individuality and our core values. There is an emphasis on found materials, eco-friendly home décor solutions, naturally inspired designs, and global inspiration. VivaTerra’s Signature is an overall modern and clean aesthetic with a global fusion. Ultimately, you will find looks that incorporate a modern feng shui, and combinations of organic curves with geometric shapes that mirror nature. You can expect quality, artisan-made products from all across the globe, produced in fair trade conditions. And you will know that natural, eco-friendly materials were used in environmentally conscious production methods. VivaTerra’s signature style is nature inspired on a global scope in material, shape, color, design, and value. All in all, we seek to bring the best parts of the globe together, for the good of the earth, in the name of quality and sophisticated style.

Mon Aug 17 00:00:00 EDT 2015 Jesse Interior Decorating & Design  Thoughts 
Thu Aug 06 00:00:00 EDT 2015

By now, you’ve probably noticed the rapidly popularizing kantha textile popping up all around the web. From the latest bedroom accent of your favorite interior design blogger to your Pinterest feed, kantha throws, pillows and upholstered items are showing up everywhere. So what’s the big deal?

Commonly, kantha products have a patchwork-style aesthetic quality. Take for example our kantha-upholstered love seat. The word kantha however, refers to the style of the stitching applied to the fabric rather than the fabric itself. Artisans in parts of east South Asia and West Bengal, India have long practiced this traditional hand-stitching technique. Customarily, kantha textiles are created from the recycled remnants of worn garments such as saris. Artisans layer the vintage cotton fabrics and hand-embroider them with a running stitch.  Stitching can be in simple rows or form intricate patterns across the textile. In the past, they were often embroidered with motifs depicting tales of local folklore and legends, and were used in celebrations such as births and weddings. The end result is an elaborate patchwork of repurposed fabrics with a plush yet durable texture and a rich history.

At VivaTerra, we love kantha products because of the artistry and craftsmanship invested into making each one. The handmade quality and use of repurposed materials makes each and every kantha work a unique, eco-friendly piece. Plus, it makes every kantha item you order a tiny surprise!

We especially love the history woven into the pieces. Every patch has a story, just like every artisan who gathers and stitches them. And in their new life as a colorful and character-filled accent in your home, we like to believe they are still gathering special parts of their story. With that, it is easy to see why kantha stitching is sweeping the interior design community off its feet. And from our exclusive kantha hanging light to our one-of-a-kind paneled headboard, there are so many ways to introduce this culturally rich and beautifully crafted textile to your home.


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Paper, plastic, aluminum and glass—this is the list of recyclable materials that most of us think of when we hear "recycling". But, when you’re thinking green, it’s important to think outside the box (and the recycling bin). Did you know that leather was recyclable too?

The material itself goes by a few names; recycled leather, bonded leather, or composite leather. This recycled leather material is created using scraps from tanneries and other industries that use and discard the remnants. The scraps are shredded, treated, bonded to another fabric, and colored uniformly. The end result is a leather-like material that is—while often less than 50% leather in total—durable, cleanable, and sustainable.

Another option is to stop at the shredding process. The strands of shredded leather can be used to make products like our recycled leather rugs. Here, the leather strips have been woven together to create a 100% repurposed leather product. Leather scraps can be used to make small leather goods too, such as key chains or small wallets.

Regardless of how it is upcycled or repurposed, leather plays an important role in sustainability. The production of leather often uses large amounts of natural resources and can have high greenhouse gas emissions. The best way to obtain the beautiful, high-quality product you want without the environmental impact is to look for leather that has been given a second, eco-conscious life.


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Global cultures offer a serious bounty of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home, and Moroccan culture is one of our favorites. From vibrant colors and dazzling patterns to unique accents and unusual materials, drawing influence from around the world is a surefire way to bring distinct character to any space. However, when it comes to bringing the globe home, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Short of retiling every surface of your home until it resembles a mosaic Moroccan palace, how do you translate global style into a modern space? With our curated selection of Moroccan made products and a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able master Moroccan style without breaking a sweat.

Step 1. Begin with the end in mind. It is important to have visual direction and to be able to follow your inspiration clearly. We recommend starting with a mood board or inspiration look.

moroccan scene collage


Step 2. Once you have a clear goal, identify the key visual elements in your global look that you want to bring into your space. In our Moroccan mood board we see some prominent décor and architectural elements, such as:

  1. 1. Ornate shapes & silhouettes
  2. 2. Intricate Patterns
  3. 3. Traditional accents
  4. 4. Bold, bright colors


Step 3. Translate. Find pieces that embody the key features you identified in your inspiration but have a modern feel.

First, ornate shapes and silhouettes:

moroccan style bed and moroccan door

The Taj bed—while originally modeled after India’s Taj Mahal—not only incorporates the beautiful curvatures in Moroccan architecture, but also is constructed from vintage Douglas Fir and mimics the rich wooden features of this centuries old Moroccan door.


 Second, intricate pattern:

moroccan design pillows and wall tile

When adding pattern to a space, fabric is your best weapon of choice. Block print bedding, curtains and even rugs offer an easy solution to bringing bold geometric prints, like the one seen behind this Moroccan fountain, to any room. (Not to mention they effortlessly add color, but we’ll get to that in a minute!)


Third, traditional accents (re-envisioned):

moroccan poufsmoroccan lanterns

Choose traditional items that are native to your specific culture. Stop and think, what comes to mind when you consider different cultures even beyond décor? Japan? Zen gardens. India? Maybe elephants. Morocco? Poufs! Poufs are a staple in Moroccan dining. But, in the case you don’t want to throw out your dining room chairs and perch on a pouf at dinner, our metallic leather poufs make a great addition to any room. Plus, rather than becoming full-time seating, they can be used as tables with the addition of a simple tray or a handy spare seat for surprise guests.

Metal lanterns are another popular Moroccan item, and they make a gorgeous statement anywhere they hang. Our Moroccan lanterns shine during the day, and then illuminate walls with varying patterns of light at night! Because they are pendant lights, they are versatile and adapt to any room in the house.


Fourth, bold & bright color:

moroccan throw and moroccan design tables

If Moroccan culture had to be known for one aesthetic quality, it would be color. Food, clothing, architecture, tile, fabric—you name it, it‘s full of color. And while we can marvel at the beauty and number of colors in a Moroccan tile mosaic, they make it easier than it looks to incorporate so many colors in one place. Our suggestion? Choose a few bights that you like, maybe from an accent piece—like our Moroccan Stripe Throw—that already incorporates multiple colors together. Then use the smaller pieces of décor in your space, such as a vase, throw pillow or subtle ornament to infuse your pops of color. This gives you control over how much color is in your space and makes it easy to change with the seasons too.


Step 4. Voila! Meet your new globally inspired room!

moroccan theme bedroom

With these simple steps a modern Moroccan space is an easily implemented look for any room in your home.

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Wed May 06 00:00:00 EDT 2015

For an elegant way to decorate for the holidays, we have come up with a few temple bell swag designs. They are simple, easy to make, and hang beautifully everywhere. They even make great holiday gifts!

Silver and Gold Temple Bell Swag:

Using both gold and silver temple bells of various sizes (giant, large and small), we tied our bells together at different heights. We then cut 4 segments (about 2 to 3 feet long pieces) off of our fir garland and arranged them so they lie flat on top of each other. Finally, we tied the bells to the fir bundle to complete our temple bell swag.

Gold Temple Bells with Ribbon:

We used three sizes of our gold temple bells (giant, large, and small) and simply tied them together at varied heights with a red ribbon. This arrangement hangs beautifully from bannisters, windows and doors.

hanging temple bells
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Tue May 05 00:00:00 EDT 2015

There’s much to love about the holiday season – the bright lights and cheery décor, a child’s delight on Christmas morning, delicious family dinners, and presents piled high beneath a twinkling tree. Though it might seem like Christmas isn’t compatible with green living, there are ways we can celebrate the “season of giving” without taking too much from the planet.

A green Christmas is not about doing without (where’s the fun in that?). It’s about thoughtfully choosing eco-friendly gifts as well as finding new holiday traditions that are kinder to the environment. Read on for a few tips.

  • Decorate an indoor plant instead of a Christmas tree, or opt for a living tree with a rootball, which can be planted outdoors after the holidays.
  • Using clothes, fabric squares, bandannas, tea towels or festive scarves in place of paper is an eco way to wrap, and your recipient gets two presents in one pretty package! Oversized items can be swaddled in a cozy blanket throw, a plush robe or our striped cotton beach towels. Tie your packages with natural raffia fiber, jute or cloth ribbons.
  • What’s old can be new again: have an “ornament swap” party with friends or remake your favorites with a fresh coat of paint, fabric, beads, bows and other embellishments.
  • Use Mother Nature’s rich bounty – pine cones, leaves, acorns, berries, tree branches, twigs, seashells, etc. – to create beautifully unique holiday centerpieces, wreaths and other eco decorations. (Hint: our Cinnamon Bark Bundles make your home smell wonderful!).
  • Choose gifts made from renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly natural resources, such as bamboo and hemp.
  • Burn soy candles made from renewable soybean oil or natural beeswax instead of traditional paraffin wax candles.
  • Lend a personal touch to gift giving by putting your unique abilities to good use. Create a calligraphy plaque, string a beaded necklace, pen a poem, crochet a scarf, bake delicious bread, cookies or other edible goodies. Anything goes, because gifts made with love are always appreciated.
  • Invest in LED holiday lights, which use 90% less energy that traditional incandescent lights and last much longer. Save even more energy with a timer that automatically turns the lights off during the daytime.
  • Look for gifts made from recycled glass, newspaper and other eco materials, or repurposed items like our artisan-crafted angels made from empty oil drums that washed ashore in Haiti.
  • A basket of consumable goodies – fresh locally grown produce, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, organic tea, fair trade coffee – makes a practical gift for anyone on your list. We’ve made our own with our root of the earth gift basket and cheeseboard gift sets.
  • Gift them your time with a certificate for services like babysitting, yard work, housecleaning, dog walking or a home-cooked meal. You can also gift an experience they’ll enjoy, such as a hot air balloon ride, theater tickets, cooking classes, etc.

See how easy it is to have a green Christmas? With a little thought and planning, the holiday season can be an earth friendly celebration.

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Tue May 05 00:00:00 EDT 2015

Holiday well-wishes come in all forms these days, but we still love the thought and beauty of hand-made cards. A dilemma we often face is how best to display all the good tidings we receive every holiday. Not to worry! We've simply taken our card wreath and tied a sprig of holiday greenery and berries for a festive wreath for any door and wall. Tie a red or gold ribbon for some more holiday cheer!

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Mon May 04 00:00:00 EDT 2015

Nothing evokes the holidays quite like red and gold. We love combining textures, colors, and forms for a stunning yet welcoming table setting. For our centerpiece, we used various sizes of our gold temple bells at varied heights. What we love most about this centerpiece is that it is simply elegant without getting in the way of dinner conversation. To mimic the smooth forms of our seaglass dinnerware and recycled glassware, we softened the table with our floral block print table cloth and napkins. Finally, we topped off the table with some holiday greens and individually wrapped presents that also serve as seating tags.

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Mon May 04 00:00:00 EDT 2015

Give thanks this season to Mother Earth's bounty with your own stunning fall centerpieces. We used some of our Root of Earth Bowls  to create two simple but festive root bowl displays. Read on to see how.

Orchid Root Bowl Centerpiece

Using one of our orchids plants that we had on-hand, we planted it in one of our medium-sized root bowl. We topped off the top with some moss to help absorb moisture and cover the roots. When caring for the orchid remember to spray with water occasionally to keep plant moist. Orchids are best kept in well-lit areas but ensure they avoid direct sunlight.

Plant three different sized orchid plants in our three different sized Root of Earth Bowls for a tiered display. These serve as the perfect holiday gift!

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

During a recent dinner, we set the table with three of these extraordinary root bowl displays. Each large Root of Earth Bowl was filled with vegetables and gourds from our garden and local farmer's market. Simple to assemble, each centerpiece comes out elegantly regardless of how we crafted them. We used radishes, artichokes, blackberries, broccoli and various gourds and squashes to build our pieces. What we loved most about each of these centerpieces was that they transitioned seamlessly from the kitchen, as a unique vessel for our fall bounty, to the dining room, as a one-of-a-kind statement piece. After dinner, our guests took them home as a memorable keepsake from our meal and our garden.

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