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How to Care for Your Succulents Indoors

Succulents adorn every part of my home. They are easy to care for and add lush jewel tones that add a touch of serenity to any room. While these plants are generally low-maintenance, there are a few key tips for growing thriving indoor succulents.

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Succulents naturally grow in arid environments like the desert. Bright sunlight and allowing succulents to dry between waterings is important. Nonetheless, it is also critical to keep heat in moderation. Growing in the desert, succulents experience bright light and heat during the day and cool temperatures in the evenings. To mimic desert temperatures, succulents thrive best with daytime temperatures around 80ºF and evening temperatures around 55ºF.


In general, succulents prefer large amounts of sunlight. Keeping them in a sunlit window will help your indoor succulents grow. How your succulents react to the sunlight will indicate the quality of light they are receiving. If the succulents start growing taller with more spacing between leaves, they are searching for more sun exposure and require more sunlight. If succulents leaves begin to dry or scorch, they are being exposed to too much light. Adjust the location of your succulents as needed and trim if necessary.


One area that is always perplexing when maintaining indoor succulents is the level of watering. During the warm and bright summer months, succulents should be watered much more than in the winter. As always, the soil should be dry between waterings. In the winter, watering can be reduced to a monthly or every two-month basis. Throughout all four seasons, it is important to maintain a healthy balance of water for the succulents and ensure that they are never soaked in water.

Tips and Trimmings:

Succulent trimmings can easily be planted and will if maintained will quickly grow into new succulents!

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