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Celebrate Spring! The First Day is Here.

It’s here! Arguably one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, spring has finally (officially) arrived. A figurative light at the end of the tunnel, it represents the end of the cold monotony of winter and holds promises of sunshine, buds, blooms and an overall brightening-up of the world outside. Spring not only promises us growth and change but is the predecessor to the season of fun: summer.

Summer is the time when we can get outdoors and truly enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer us. But then again, summer only lasts a while before it gives way to the much-romanticized season of autumn. Another season of colorful changes where we look at our world in wonder and take in its beauty. And once the air grows crisp and the transformations of the trees have all taken place, we find ourselves in winter again, readying ourselves for the magic of the first snow and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

We believe every season is one worth celebrating. This is the reason we love our Four Season Locket Collection. We all have a favorite season, and this collection of handmade accessories allows us to keep that time close to our hearts all year long.

Each locket is made exclusively for us in Austin, Texas. The two small outer disks are 14k gold-filled and sterling silver-plated and hand-stamped by the artisan with seasonal symbols. Between them you’ll find an additional representation of the season—a colorful natural gemstone. These lockets make great personalized gifts, and choosing one is easy! Take a look below and find the season and locket that best suits you (or a lady in your life!):

The Spring Springer:

For starters, a love of tulips is a pretty sure sign spring is her season. A girly girl, she’s pretty in pastels, gingham and eyelet. She has pep in her step and is bright and cheerful just like her favorite season. She’s always full of child-like anticipation for whatever is ahead of her.

Her Locket: Hand-stamped with a sprig of foliage and contains a bright green gem.

The Summer Heart:

The summer lover is easy to spot, because she is probably a ray of sunshine herself. She loves the great outdoors and is always up for adventure. This lovely lady’s idea of a dream vacation? At the beach enjoying sandy toes and salty air.

Her Locket: Hand-stamped with Mr. Golden Sun and contains a gem as bright blue a summer skis.

The Autumn Romantic:

If she is pulling on her boots at the first sign of a fallen leaf, she is likely an autumn girl. Her favorite dessert? Home made apple pie of course, and she always picks the apples herself. She has an invigorating energy about her just like the crisp autumn air. He Locket: Hand-stamped with a falling leaf and contains a warm burnt-orange gem.

The Winter Wonderer:

She’s all about snow days and waste no time stirring up a mug of hot chocolate at the first sign of her breath in the air. Knitted accessories and wool socks are prevalent in her wardrobe. If “bundled-up” is her favorite way to be and her idea of a great getaway involves a cabin, she’s a winter wonderer.

Her Locket: Hand-stamped with a swirling winter cloud and contains an icy light blue gem.


The Complete Four Season Locket Collection

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