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Earth Day 2016: What is TerraPass?

Happy Earth Day to all! Today is easily one of our favorite days of the year, maybe even our favorite. As our name suggests—VivaTerra, meaning, “living earth”—we are strong supporters of the Earth Day cause. In honor of the earth & its preservation, today we will make a donation to TerraPass for every order we receive. What does that do? Well, we’re glad you asked…

TerraPass began in 2004 with a modest mission to help individuals offset the CO2 emissions of their driving. Quickly gaining participation, recognition, and success with their individual program, they set their sites even higher. TerraPass has since helped thousands of business and institutions do their part to reduce their own impact on the environment. They have also helped, and continue to help implement greenhouse gas destruction projects all across the nation. The projects range from helping farms better use animal waste, to creating wind energy, to landfill gas-capturing initiatives, to BEF water restorations. To learn more about these and other TerraPass projects, you can visit For today, our project, in partnership with TerraPass, it to offset the carbon emissions generated in the transport of any orders we send out. When you place an order, we’ll make an investment into a CO2 eliminating project. So, not only will your shipping today be FREE, it will be carbon footprint free as well.

We hope this helps shed some light on our company initiatives to protect the earth, as well as some ways you can help get involved on this earth day. Ship your order free, we’ll offset it’s CO2, and you can enjoy a breath of fresh air outdoors today.

Mon Jun 17 02:38:26 EDT 2024