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Fair Trade Month—An Artisan Celebration

We support and admire the artisans from all around the world, whose meticulous craftsmanship makes our handmade products one-of-a-kind, quality pieces. Whether hand carved, woven, stamped, or crafted we believe that the artistry and craftsmanship of a handmade product is beyond compare to any mass-manufacturing process. Because of this, we also support non-profit and fair trade organizations worldwide to ensure the artisans who make many of our products see fair wages, healthy working conditions, and sustainable development for their communities. Additionally, we source many products from global, fair trade partners. Not only do these partners ensure that artisans are treated well and paid fairly, but also that these artisans, their families and their communities directly see the benefits of their artistry and craftsmanship. This support helps promote artisans as valued members of their societies, and gives recognition to the value of their artistry in our own communities as well. In support of fair trade month, we are offering 20% off a select assortment of products, many artisan made, that we hope you’ll enjoy. We thank you for your support.

Mon Jun 24 13:17:59 EDT 2024