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Global Artisan Partners

TRAVEL DIARY<br /><br />Global Artisan Partners<br />from master artisans to your home<br /><br />From mouthblown glass in Mexico to hand-carved wood from Indonesia, we work with over 1200 master artisans worldwide to create elevated nature-inspired goods.<br />Our partner collaborations combine trend-forward design ideas with passed-down crafting techniques to create unique and thoughtful collections that make their way into your homes and gardens. From start to finish, our products' journey celebrates our artisans' cultures and shows the care and craftsmanship that a made-by-hand object holds.<br /><br />Portugal<br /><br />
“Our fine stoneware products, made from the best natural resources in Portugal, are ecological, reusable, and recyclable.”<br /><br />Skilled ceramic artisans make our stoneware collections, one of the oldest traditions in Portugal. The mineral-rich clay found on the coast produces very durable stoneware that can hold up to dishwashing and microwaving for years.<br />We are limiting the environmental impact of our products by developing them with attention to form, ergonomics, aesthetics, quality, usability, and life cycle.
In addition to our reducing consumption practices, all our water is carefully treated and reused for internal cleaning processes or reintroduced in our production process.<br /><br />Mexico<br /><br />“I want people to feel like they are bringing home a piece of Mexican history with each glass that is purchased.” Alison- VT designer<br /><br />Our drinkware is handcrafted in Mexico by artisan glass blowers using 100% recycled glass. Each is hand-blown using techniques passed down through generations, so every one is entirely unique. 
The glass is sourced from post-consumer glass that is selected, treated, and transported to be recycled into cullet. Making recycled glass products from this cullet consumes 40% less energy than making new glass from raw materials because the cullet melts at a much lower temperature. The effects are a dazzling explosion of sparkling colors created by melting and artfully reforming the reclaimed glass.<br /><br />Bali<br /><br />“It’s very easy to be inspired by nature as the lush forest is all around us.” -Surinder (artisan partner)<br /><br />Whether it’s an intricate teak carving or a metal wind sculpture, our dedicated artisans learn their techniques through generational knowledge. A home for artisans in the heart of Bali, our crafters draw inspiration from all across Indonesia, striking a stunning balance between traditional design and modern style. Driven by a desire to create works of art with inner life, each piece bridge the divides between Zen and function. As bold as they are thoughtful, every item is crafted by artisans who are evolving with time and creating the future of decor in Bali.





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