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Handcrafted & Artisan Made Products Offer Quality and Uniqueness

Handcrafted products generally possess a much higher level of quality due to the simple fact there is a lot more attention to detail. In addition to the better quality they can give buyers some surprising side benefits too. Real artisan products stand apart from their industrialized knockoffs, usually in looks, quality, and price. But the most important difference is the total attention to detail and their personal touch. Behind our artisan made pieces are talented and creative artisans. Slowing down the pace of today’s fast fashion and production world, to work with these artisans who masterfully and carefully craft each of our pieces one by one has a great impact on each and every one of their lives. By filling your everyday life with our products you are creating countless benefits for the artisans, their families and their communities – I can’t highlight the following facts enough!

1. Artisan-made/Handcrafted Products are good for the Job Market both globally and here in the U.S. This is one reason you should really feel good about spending your money on hand-crafted artisan made products? You’re creating jobs where jobs are really needed. One study found that shifting just 10 percent of consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in local wages. In turn you get a better product and you helped talented artisans share their creative trade while making a fair wage.

2. Artisan products are more sustainable. Work done by hand uses less energy than a mass production assembly line, which in turn makes it more environmentally sustainable. Most artisans only use natural materials that are easily available and in many cases will focus their craft using recycled and reclaimed materials. Furthermore, industrialized, commercial goods that are mass produced in large quantities overseas need to ship a very long distance in order to reach the retailer.

3. Artisan Made Products Have More Perceived Value. The perception of any handmade artisan product has a much higher perceived value. Regardless if it is a piece of wall décor, furniture, clothing or jewelry, when the attention to detail combined with the one by one construction of the item not only creates a stronger perception of value it actually creates a much better value overall.

4. Handcrafted Products Are Just Better. It’s not just a nebulous air of authenticity that causes people to pay more for handcrafted products. Handcrafted goods are generally, just better. Between the materials used, the time invested, the creative aspect and the extreme attention to the finest details, the end result is a better product that you can be proud to own, proud to use and proud to give as a gift.

5. Artisan Made Products Just Make You Feel Better If you’re like me, that’s really important. Knowing that you helped a specific artisan, a community of artisans or a village of artisans makes me feel better and proud to use and display that particular product. I want to feel good about what I buy; I want what I buy to be unique, different, one of a kind and made with thought and care rather than pumped off an assembly line. Handmade products have more character and feeling and that makes me feel good.

6. Handcrafted Products Help Communities. Regardless if the community is a local artisan community her in the U.S. or a village in Peru or Indonesia, purchasing a handcrafted product helps these communities. In many cases the product they produce are their only means to sustain their life and this artisan trade has been handed down from generation to generation.

7. Handcrafted Products Offer a Fuller Experience. It’s great when you find a product you love and you know that no one else will have one exactly like yours, that’s often the experience you have when you buy an artisan made product, it’s the joy of finding something you really love and just the knowledge that a product was handcrafted. It gives you a better experience because there is a relatable, knowable back-story.

8. Handcrafted Products Are More Popular Than Ever. Handcrafted products are more notable today than ever – more and more people are embracing handcrafted goods. VivaTerra has embraced this philosophy since its beginning and continues to support artisans both locally and worldwide. Buying handmade goods from VivaTerra allows you access to the skills of artisans around the world.

9. Handcrafted Products Are Unique. One of the most prevailing reasons for choosing to purchase handcrafted goods is that we just like having something that didn’t come off an assembly line. The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you’re displaying, using, wearing, eating or adding to your home is as unique as you are.

10. Handcrafted Products Support a Tradition of Skilled Work. We know that supporting your local artisan is good for the community and supporting global artisans is good for impoverished villages and communities around the world, but it’s also good for the art. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled artisans with machines it’s important to keep the “Art” in the products we love and keeping hand-making goods a financially feasible lifestyle.

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