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Kitchen one-of-a-kind prep

We're updating our kitchen for fall with a fushion of modern functionality and rustic overtones that still allow your personal backdrop to remain undisturbed. With a few updates that balance, reset, and organize, you'll create a sesnse of coziness that the heart of the home strives for. Exposed baskets, workstations, and hand-carved artistic accessories give the kitchen a timeless appeal but there are many different ways in which you can create your own modern rustic kitchen with a few simple additions.

shop butcher block island

Expand your kitchen counter and storage space with our highly functional rolling workstation, which provides sought-after surface space for slicing, dicing, and serving. Our exclusive Rolling Butcher Block Kitchen Island is made with reclaimed wood to beautifully create the checked top. Additionally, you can easily store kitchen essentials on the two ample storage shelves below. An iron bar allows you to easily hang towels off the side.

shop woven storage baskets

Exposed baskets in the kitchen allow you to see exactly how much you have and where it is. By creating an organized basket grid, everything you need will be at the ready. These heavy-duty Javanese Woven Storage Baskets are made of banana bark fibers that are hand-woven over metal frames which allows them to hold up to 200 lbs each. Perfect for a pantry, mudroom, or garage.

shop mango wine bottle holder

Incorporating artistic accessories to the kitchen adds special handmade touches that aid in creating a warm and cozy environment. This beautiful and unique solid wood wine rack stand is hand-carved from one piece of mango wood by artisans in India. The natural finish enhances the beautiful wood grain adding warm tones to this functional sculpture.

shop eco-resin serving boards

These one-of-a-kind serving boards of high-quality maple are not only beautiful, but functional works of art. The vibrant colors bring flair to your serveware. Every board features eco-friendly resin that has been hand-poured, creating individual works of art as beautiful and unique as you are.

shop upcycled glass balon light

Charming and chic, our recycled glass pendant light adds an elegant touch of rustic flair and offers eco-friendly style. The lights are created from vintage, glass wine jugs, knows as “balons”, often found originally throughout central Europe. Artisans repurpose them by removing the bottom of the jugs, giving the lights their curvy half-globe shape. Each light, due to its recycled nature, is a unique piece of timeless style that you will admire in your home for years to come.

shop white stone mortar and pestle

It’s all in the details! This traditional, Javanese White Stone Mortar and Pestle hand tool enables you to grind or whip up anything from guacamole to nuts and seeds. The Javanese stone adds an elegant feel and unique form placed on your shelf when not in use.

shop root of the earth tray

The uneven rim and naturally marked, swirling grain on our carved burlwood tray show off a rustic refinement that only nature can produce. Large hand grips ensure the steady transport of beverages, hors d'oeuvres and snacks. As these are hand-carved, no two trays will be exactly alike. We especially love adding these rustic touches to the kitchen with natural finishes and textural charm. A perfect way to embrace the season of giving.


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