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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Can you believe it? There stands but one weekend between us and the home stretch to Christmas. And while most of us are filled with excitement, there are also those of us that feel a little panic… the late shoppers. We are all guilty of it, so to help, we made a list for 5 last minute gifts ideas that are sure to please anyone on your list!

slate board

1. What: Natural Slate Menu Board - Genuine slate stone featuring a natural edge transforms into an elegant menu board with the simple addition of a tamarid wood stick easel and a limestone “chalk” stick. It’s an au naturel combination that is perfect for displaying the courses at your next dinner party, or what’s on the grocery list for the week in your home.

Who: The Hostess with the Mostess

Why: Not only will you (as the giver) love the price, your recipient will genuinely feel like you “get” her. No more fussing and pointing at dinner parties to let people know what is in each pot or on each tray. Thanks to you, she’ll have a handy menu displayed so she can sit back and relax—for once.



2. What: Rosemary Plant Topiary - Our miniature rosemary topiary may be small but it thrives with endless charm. Perfectly giftable and wonderful for greening up smaller spaces. When blooming, this topiary is dotted with beautiful purple flowers.

Who: The Gardner

Why: First of all, you’re on a tight timeline at this point. That is to say: the less wrapping required the better! Put a burlap bow around this topiary’s terracotta pot and hand it over to your recipient—it’s that easy. Plus, your friend who has the gardening itch will be pleased she has something to apply her green thumb to during the colder month of the year.


capiz candle holders

3. What: Capiz Shell Lotus Tealight Holders - Artisan made in the Philippines, each lotus is created from carefully cut capiz shells to a yield a glimmering combination of translucent petals with a metallic metal lining. Capiz shells, like pearls and mother of pearl, are harvested from oysters. They naturally possess the beautiful shimmer that makes our lotus holder so breathtaking.

Who: The Aspiring Decorator

Why: First the obvious: everyone loves candles, right? But secondly, these vessels possess a certain simplistic, shimmering beauty that will fit almost any décor style. This it good, because your decorating-obsessed friend is always changing up her home style. The price is right and she will appreciate the opportunity to place something fresh and new in her house once her seasonal décor is put away.


pocket scarf

4. What: Cloud Block Stripe Pocket Scarf - Light as a cloud and cheerfully striped, this tasseled scarf has “blend-in” pockets to keep your hands conveniently cozy when you need them—no mittens required. And it will always be there, as the multicolor stripes allow it to be worn with nearly anything.

Who: The Fashionista (We all know one)

Why: Yes, it’s understandable if you feel hesitant about giving a scarf. The secret to avoiding giving gifts that feel cliché is to find gifts with a twist. The fashionista in your life likely puts a lot more emphasis on style than comfort—If the scarf doesn’t go with her look, she’s not wearing it, despite possible below zero temperatures. And she may not hold mittens in high regard either; giving her this scarf, complete with pockets, will help her bridge the gap between looking chic and staying warm.


ipad holder

5. What: Barrel Stave iPad Stand - This rustic ipad or bookstand is cleverly fashioned from fine-grained oak wine barrel staves and sturdy metal barrel rings. Use if for a handy home for cookbooks in the kitchen or for indulging in a show or movie on your iPad.

Who: Him

Why: This one is easy; recycled, a little rustic, and tech friendly—he’s going to love it. From his desk to the kitchen and everywhere in between, this is a gift he is sure to (actually) use all year round and for years to come.

Wed Nov 29 12:47:32 EST 2023