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Line-Drying Towels, Linens, and Washables

We’re always searching for eco ways to foster a greener and more natural home. Unsurprisingly, we often turn to mother nature for some wise answers. Our most recent quandary was how to dry our linen bath towels and dish towels without excess use of our dryer. Tumble dryers make up the majority of energy consumption when it comes to keeping our linens, towels and clothing clean. But through some research be found that life isn’t so hard without the dryer.

The age-old tradition of line-drying has many benefits over the machine dryer. Here are some to consider:

  1. Line-drying is easier on Mother Earth. A typical electric dryer emits about 159 kg of CO2 per year based on an average family’s usage. Since towels are bulky and require more energy to dry, line-drying these can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. And you can save on your energy bill! To read more about energy consumption visit:
  2. Nothing smells quite like the scent of sun-dried laundry. Line-drying outside in the summer is not only green but also great for the senses!
  3. The sunlight will brighten your whites. Mother Nature’s natural heater is also a great whitener. Hang your light colored towels to dry outside under the sun for a green way to brighten your whites.
  4. Your clothing will last longer. Tumble-drying takes a toll on your clothing and other washables. Fabric thins, colors fade, and seams weaken. Line-drying can increase the longevity of your favorite pieces.

When we first tried line-drying we had some concerns. We were worried our towels would be stiff and scratchy if we dried them naturally. Instead, what we found was that our linen towels dried beautifully on the line as did our organic cotton clothing. The detergent and soap we used made a difference in the softness. We found that natural soaps or vinegar washes cleaned stains and dirt while maintaining softness.

The other question we had was, what happens when the season’s change and the cold winter arrive? What we found was a strategically placed laundry line or laundry rack near our heater was the perfect solution. Make sure not to place clothing or towels directly on the heater or they might get too toasty!

Happy drying!


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line drying linen towels

Mon Jun 17 02:04:29 EDT 2024