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Mindful Valentine Gift Giving

This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to practice a meditative technique called Heartfulness, in which you are led to a state of inner-connection and strength. A space where the mind is given the freedom to be introspective, to observe, inspire and create. As you think of those you love, an overwhelming sense of peace goes out towards them and they in turn, return the love to you. Follow along and share these simple steps. 1. Set aside 20 minutes for your heart time. If possible, always meditate at the same time, in the same place, to keep your practice consistent and create a calm space that you can return to each day. 2. Sit comfortably with your hands and legs drawn in and relaxed. No need to hold your hands or limbs in an awkward position—just focus on feeling peaceful and loose. Let your arms rest and land wherever is most comfortable. 3. Take a moment to tune into your heart. Imagine that there is a light filling it and expanding to capture your attention. As you focus on the subtle idea of lightness in your heart, you will begin to feel a vibration and energy descending into you. 4. As your mind wanders, gently return to this focus of light in the heart. Thoughts that arise will naturally fall away and not trouble you after some time of practice. 5.Upon completion of your meditation, take some time to reflect on the practice. Write a short journal entry, even just one sentence on your experience. As you move through your day (and continued practice), you will find yourself returning to your heart. Heartfulness is a simple, methodical approach to meditation. Rather than homing in on your breath or repeating a mantra, all you have to do to practice it is focus inward, on your heart, to cultivate inner strength and serenity. This year as you share a Valentine gift with your loved one, consider also taking a few moments together to practice Heartfulness meditation. Not only will it strengthen your relationship, but it will also strengthen your heart, the place where all love is born.


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