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Modern Moroccan—A How-To on Global Decor

Global cultures offer a serious bounty of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home, and Moroccan culture is one of our favorites. From vibrant colors and dazzling patterns to unique accents and unusual materials, drawing influence from around the world is a surefire way to bring distinct character to any space. However, when it comes to bringing the globe home, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Short of retiling every surface of your home until it resembles a mosaic Moroccan palace, how do you translate global style into a modern space? With our curated selection of Moroccan made products and a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able master Moroccan style without breaking a sweat.

Step 1. Begin with the end in mind. It is important to have visual direction and to be able to follow your inspiration clearly. We recommend starting with a mood board or inspiration look.

moroccan scene collage


Step 2. Once you have a clear goal, identify the key visual elements in your global look that you want to bring into your space. In our Moroccan mood board we see some prominent décor and architectural elements, such as:

  1. 1. Ornate shapes & silhouettes
  2. 2. Intricate Patterns
  3. 3. Traditional accents
  4. 4. Bold, bright colors


Step 3. Translate. Find pieces that embody the key features you identified in your inspiration but have a modern feel.

First, ornate shapes and silhouettes:

moroccan style bed and moroccan door

The Taj bed—while originally modeled after India’s Taj Mahal—not only incorporates the beautiful curvatures in Moroccan architecture, but also is constructed from vintage Douglas Fir and mimics the rich wooden features of this centuries old Moroccan door.


 Second, intricate pattern:

moroccan design pillows and wall tile

When adding pattern to a space, fabric is your best weapon of choice. Block print bedding, curtains and even rugs offer an easy solution to bringing bold geometric prints, like the one seen behind this Moroccan fountain, to any room. (Not to mention they effortlessly add color, but we’ll get to that in a minute!)


Third, traditional accents (re-envisioned):

moroccan poufsmoroccan lanterns

Choose traditional items that are native to your specific culture. Stop and think, what comes to mind when you consider different cultures even beyond décor? Japan? Zen gardens. India? Maybe elephants. Morocco? Poufs! Poufs are a staple in Moroccan dining. But, in the case you don’t want to throw out your dining room chairs and perch on a pouf at dinner, our metallic leather poufs make a great addition to any room. Plus, rather than becoming full-time seating, they can be used as tables with the addition of a simple tray or a handy spare seat for surprise guests.

Metal lanterns are another popular Moroccan item, and they make a gorgeous statement anywhere they hang. Our Moroccan lanterns shine during the day, and then illuminate walls with varying patterns of light at night! Because they are pendant lights, they are versatile and adapt to any room in the house.


Fourth, bold & bright color:

moroccan throw and moroccan design tables

If Moroccan culture had to be known for one aesthetic quality, it would be color. Food, clothing, architecture, tile, fabric—you name it, it‘s full of color. And while we can marvel at the beauty and number of colors in a Moroccan tile mosaic, they make it easier than it looks to incorporate so many colors in one place. Our suggestion? Choose a few bights that you like, maybe from an accent piece—like our Moroccan Stripe Throw—that already incorporates multiple colors together. Then use the smaller pieces of décor in your space, such as a vase, throw pillow or subtle ornament to infuse your pops of color. This gives you control over how much color is in your space and makes it easy to change with the seasons too.


Step 4. Voila! Meet your new globally inspired room!

moroccan theme bedroom

With these simple steps a modern Moroccan space is an easily implemented look for any room in your home.

Sat May 18 09:29:41 EDT 2024