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Our hearts are with India

India - An homage to our artisan partners in India during these troubled times.  We work with hundreds if artisan partners in India in regions currently impacted by this most recent outbreak of the virus. We wanted to shine a light on the work representing the beautifully handcrafted items that we have in our homes and our customers' homes. We are humbled by our friends' resillience and the courage they've shown through this past year of devastation.  Our hearts are with India.

Kantha patchwork

Far from trend-setting, or even artfulness, Kantha was created initially for the most basic and practical purpose: to keep warm. Kantha is a traditional type of embroidery native to eastern South Asia. Over time, Kantha developed as a generational skill, a craft that could symbolically impart story, desire, and well-wishing for loved ones and gift recipients. Our Kantha items are not made of rags, nor do they feature elaborately designed stitch patterns. They are fashioned from repurposed sari cloth that has been patched together with a simple Kantha stitch and is ready for new life. Our Kantha items range from yoga bags to poufs to colorful kitchen soft goods.

indian wood worker and wood tables carved by hand.

In a small city outside of Delhi you'll find busy workshops where artisans are sawing, sanding, and cutting wood into tables, sculptures, decorative items, and more. Sitting on terraces, artisans chat amongst themselves as they transform the materials into works of art. The process is time-consuming, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the piece. The wood is stored in open-air warehouses, sorted, and stacked according to the variety (Sheesham, teak, mango, sandal). First, it's sanded and prepped. Once the shape is initially carved, the artisans make smaller, more precise incisions. The results are one-of-a-kind works of art ready to grace our homes.

glass bead artisans; candle sticks

India's present-day glass-making industry revolves around making items like bottles, bangles, beads, and stained glass. They use recycled glass and metal whenever possible to create styles that are both sustainable and beautiful. With simple set-ups that include torches and small kilns, artisans roll recycled glass powder into colorful beads with variations of bubbles and ombre effects imperfectly beautiful and unique.

embroidered by hand floor cushions and pillow

Embroidery is an expression of self, rendered with patience and dedicated hard work; it is an art rightly described as "painting by needle." Indian embroidery takes its inspiration from nature and religion. The colors, the base theme, and style are reflective of a particular region. Embroidery on leather, velvet, net, cotton, and silk is done all over the country. The patterns have always been floral, animal, and geometric. Each embroidery style has its history and a story of development. Our hand embroidered items span from pillows to poufs and add a rich texture to our spaces.


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