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Styling A Layered Table

Swapping out your coffee table décor is the most effective way to breathe new life into your living room. Whether you're looking for some inspiration from design-savvy tabletops or you're in the market for new furniture, get inspired by these design tips and tricks.

Statuesque Statements - image of assorted indoor statues

It's all about "balancing the weight" with your decor. Though not overly symmetrical, our Chakki coffee table looks balanced with the use of sculptural pieces. Since the table itself features a rounded shape, each item stands boldly on its own for a curated look. To create a more dramatic effect, use items with height to bring scale to furniture pieces that take over a room. Remember to incorporate a few natural elements such as wood, stone, and greenery to support the room's overall aesthetic.

Bold bright glass - image of glass colored vases

Kick it up with color! The easiest way to add a punch to a room is by incorporating color. Adding bold, colorful glass to your table livens up the energy in the room. Whether you choose to add botanicals to the mix or not, these vases are perfectly at home unadorned. Mix and match different shapes for an added layer of texture.

the nested look - image of assorted nesting tables

If you're trying to style a small space, two might be better than one. In intimate living rooms, nested tables can occupy the area where a full coffee table may feel too overwhelming. Style it with minimal décor like a few candles or a small terrarium that complements the rest of the room's textiles. Nesting bowls and catch-alls are great additions to the table for keeping clutter to a minimum and creating more dimension.

While the sofa, rug, and lighting choices can speak volumes in a living room, the natural focus is the coffee table. It's where family and friends gather to catch up and relax. It's also the perfect canvas for you to showcase your taste and interests. Styling it with care can dramatically improve the room's overall aesthetic and be a great conversation starter.


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