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Air Purifying Potted Plant Variety, Set of 4




Estimated Ship Date: 07/22/2024

Our Air Purifying house plant bundle comes with plants that are known to have air-purifying and detoxifying powers. Give your home a healthy breath of fresh air.

Snake Plant 'Laurentii'
Botanical Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata
Common Names: Snake plant, Laurentii, Mother-in-law's tongue
Description: This evergreen perennial native to tropical West Africa and Nigeria, is a great addition to any office or household as a natural air purifier. Snake plants have strong and sturdy, sword-shaped leaves which are drought tolerant and retain the plant's water. This plant can be easily propagated by leaf cuttings so you can multiply your family of snake plants or give them away as a gift. This particular variety will have a yellow outline along with its definitive dark green pattern towards the middle of each stalk.

Dracaena Song of India
Botanical Name: Dracaena reflexa
Common Name(s): Dragon Tree, 'Song of India'
Description: The Dracaena Plant has narrow smooth leaves with a bright yellow color. This hardy plant has yellow and green leaves that make for a great addition to any area. This Dracaena Song of India in a 4-inch pot is great for larger assortments or areas in your home or office near windows. Dracaenas are composed of a large group of popular foliage plants. Most grow strongly upright with long variegated leaves with a large array of colors. Dracaenas grow well at average room temperatures and like ample light.

Pothos 'Golden'
Botanical Name: Epipremnum Aureum
Common Names: Devil's Ivy
Description: This Air purifying plant is arguably one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. The pothos grows in a vine-like fashion making it a great plant to have in a hanging display to fill up any empty space on a shelf or desktop. Place where the vines can fall freely or trail along a shelf for the best effect. Looks great grown in containers and hanging baskets. A terrific plant for tall plant stands where the trailing foliage will create a cascade of foliage over time.

Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily'
Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum
Common Names: Peace Lily
Description: This evergreen perennial is a popular flowering houseplant native to tropical southeastern Asia. Also a known air purifier, this plant is a great addition to any office, home, or desk space as it is easy to care for and doesn't require too much sunlight. The Peace lily will reward you with a beautiful folded flower a few times each year.

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  • Our Air Purifying house plant bundle comes with plants that are known to have air-purifying and detoxifying powers
  • Give your home a healthy breath of fresh air
  • Ships with plant varieties that are similar to the photo but may vary depending on the season
  • Set includes a 4" pot with one of each variety: Snake Plant, Song of India, Pothos 'Golden', and 'Peace Lily'
  • Plants are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in great condition
  • Plants ship from Califonia or Florida

4"Dia. Plant pot

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