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Around the World: Egypt

The collision of antiquity and the modern age is omnipresent in Egypt, the storied, age-old atmosphere and landscape blending and interlacing with a burgeoning culture and style of life. There is an inescapable knowledge of history in the winding streets and expansive desert alike—a feeling of the permanence of nature intermingled with our own ephemerality that is written into the culture here like hieroglyphics on the walls of man's existence. Alongside the iconic, Egyptian antiquity of the land- and cityscape, the cuisine here presents yet another ancient cultural addition, influenced over time by the proximity of the Mediterranean and the other lifestyles that were introduced here as a result. Each meal is bursting with the freshness and flavors of the Mediterranean, offering a taste of the region's varied and intriguing history with each bite.

As the hustle and bustle of the city subsides and the silent life of the desert begins to unfold in sunbaked, silky plains of sand, the Nile cuts a winding, vibrant line of plant life and flora. Bursting with life, the flow of the river brings with it the promise of growth, allowing the desert landscape to blossom into green. The starkness of this contrast enhances the beauty of each extreme, and at the collision of the two we found an entrancingly vibrant, brilliant style of life and culture. This feeling of collision, of seemingly divergent existences, embodies the charm and beauty of Egypt—in culture, lifestyle and landscape alike.

egypt river photo

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