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American Sojourns: Oregon

This past summer we had the pleasure of traveling to the picturesque Pacific Northwest. As we flew in over the Oregon coast, we marveled at the scenic beauty below: azure water stretching as far as the eye could see, large craggy boulders surfacing from the sea and dotting the landscape, waves crashing rhythmically onto the shore. It was a mesmerizing sight, and a perfect beginning to what would become a most memorable and inspiring trip.

The main purpose of this excursion was a visit to the family farm where our succulent wreaths and other garden plant products are raised. We like to say that our succulent wreaths are like “living art” for your wall. The wreaths are designed and meticulously handmade in Oregon with a multi-part process. First, hardy succulents in shades of green, gray, burgundy and silver are grown with loving care until they’re ready to be placed by hand into a wrapped metal frame. With their artful blending of muted hues, interesting shapes and distinctive textures, each living wreath is a one-of-a-kind American-made treasure.

Next, we called upon the talented Oregonian artist who handcrafts our unique and ruggedly handsome driftwood succulent gardens. The artisan walks the local beaches with his dog while he collects the surf and sand-smoothed coastal driftwood, which he then fashions into compact, rustic planters for locally grown and nurtured succulents. These low-maintenance plants are a perfect complement to the driftwood planter’s natural beauty.

Our last official stop was a visit with the gifted artist who handcrafts our unique cedar succulent holders. Beautiful cedar wood is collected locally, stained and fashioned into gorgeous single-succulent planters as well as 5-slot centerpiece planters that look amazing on your dining room table, fireplace mantel, coffee table and anywhere you want an eye-catching focal point.

Before returning home, we were able to spend some time relaxing on the serene coastal beaches. All in all it was a wonderful trip, and so great to see firsthand how the Pacific Northwest region has inspired local artisans to craft such stunning pieces from natural driftwood and succulents.

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