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Give Back With A Box

VivaTerra has joined up with Goodwill in a new initiative to give back, aptly called Give Back Box. As participants in Goodwill’s Give Back Box program, we (as in us + you) have the opportunity to turn a simple shipped order into something more! And it’s so easy to do.

It all starts with the simple joy of receiving your VivaTerra order—Hooray, it’s here! Unpack your new eco-friendly home good or accessory and place it in your home to enjoy. Now you are left with a box, empty to the untrained eye, but really full of giving potential. Fill it up with gently used clothing, housewares, and other donation worthy items (no electronics or perishables please) & seal it back up. Visit us here to print your shipping label—free of charge, and attach it to the box after removing existing shipping labels. Just like that, you’re ready to ship! Once you’ve sent it out, the package will make its way to your local participating Goodwill location where your donated items will be put to good use.

Your contribution to the Give Back Box program is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste and repurpose the box in which your shipment arrives. Yet even more than that, it is a simple way to impact another’s life and give to your community. To say thank you for your participation, we are offering $25 off your next online purchase of $100 or more once your donation is received.

Thank you for shopping with us and thank you for your generosity in giving back with Give Back Box.

Wed Jul 17 12:14:42 EDT 2024