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Global Glass

curated décor. global glass. Follow along as we tour the many countries where our artisan-made glass is crafted. From drinkware to home décor, there is no better way to incorporate color and organic shape into your global home!

balloon vases

Valencia, Spain, is a bustling metropolis of historical buildings and Art Nouveau architecture. Valencia is also the birthplace of the paella, a simmering rice dish with chicken or seafood filled with rich flavors, but for us, it's where our colorful balloon vases, dinnerware, and milk bottles are made. Our Spanish glass collection is all handmade from 100% recycled glass using a combination of molds and mouth-blowing techniques. The glass, sourced from glass containers that are carefully selected and treated before being recycled, is then crushed, melted, and made into new artful pieces. It's a perfect circle of sustainability and a beautiful way to decorate your eco-friendly home by lending organic style with its subtle texture and unique shapes.

hand holding glass beads

mexican made confetti glass ware

Our drinkware, wall decor, and hummingbird feeders are made using traditional mouth-blown techniques passed down through generations. Artisans create tiny air bubbles in the glass by turning the temperature up in the furnace, giving this type of glassware its well-known name, bubble glass. Other varieties we offer include solid and swirl designs using small pieces of colored glass. Or tiny pieces of colorful glass called frit for our confetti glassware. Our assortment of wine glasses, margarita glasses, tumblers, and pitchers is lead-free and made with recycled glass. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or spicing up your next indoor fiesta, this high-quality glass has a comfortable weighty feel, and a distinctive artisan look.

artisan handblowing glass margarita glass

india made Recycled Glass Beaded Candlesticks

Glass beads were first introduced in India in an area of Varanasi in the 1930's when The Czech Republic sent a husband and wife team to train a handful of people in the art of lampworked bead making. Today, the industry has grown into colorful arrays of home decor items made with the same techniques that were passed on. Our recycled glass beaded candlesticks reflect that same handmade artisanal aesthetic we have grown to love with the addition of a metal top and frame that our Indian artisans are so well known for.

image of glass bottle bottoms

Columbia made Recycled Glass Bedside Water Carafe and Drinking Glass Set

Just outside the crowded city of Bogota, Columbia, are remnants of the old town just as it was decades ago. There, in a small family-owned glass factory, a group of talented glass blowers creates handmade works of art. Skilful glass blowers craft our Recycled Glass Bedside Water Carafe and Drinking Glass from recycled material- think soda bottles and windows. These free-form works of art, not made from molds, lend a wonderfully organic shape that is thick and hefty. Each carafe is one of a kind—after all, this is no ordinary piece of glass.

man blowing glass

Poland made Hand-Painted Gem Glassware

Dating back to the 15th century, Polish artisans have been blowing glass and elevating the craft to a beautifully sustainable industry. Today, the art form has taken shape to offer an abundant variety of both functional and sculptural glass products. Our gem glassware provides both, as each painted glass features fine walls with fluted textures that are hand painted in assorted lusters to evoke the facets of polished gemstones. Simple in design with stunning visual appeal. A perfect combination!

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