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Handcarved Artistry

We love an opportunity to celebrate different forms of traditional artistry from around the world. Our new collection of handcarved décor and dining pieces does just that. From Thailand to Indonesia, India and more, this collection is a curation of beautiful handcraftsmanship from talented artisans in countries across the globe. These pieces are special because of their individuality and unique handcrafted qualities. But also, because of the meticulous nature of the labor that goes into making each one.

Artisans work with basic hand tools, and we aren’t talking about the “power” kind, to carve their designs. Chisels, hammers, knives and wedges are put to work under the artisans’ careful eyes and steady hands. Impressively, these processes yield magnificent sculptures, such as our Lucky the Elephant table. Lucky is created is Laos, where the tribe of craftsmen that make him claim they, “see an elephant within every tree”. Equally as impressive are the small accents, like our teak lovebirds, which account for what they lack in size with remarkable details. Even our block-printed textiles begin their journey toward becoming exquisite handmade fabrics in the hands of carving-artisans. Watch the video below to see the mesmerizing process of creating a handcarved printing block:

Carving a printing block V&A

Turning a plank of wood into an intricately carved printing block. A highly skilled practice filmed by the V&A Museum as part of their Fabric of India Exhibition. Visit to learn more.

Posted by Alchemiya on Friday, November 20, 2015

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