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Proudly Made In The USA

To celebrate this Independence Day, we at VivaTerra wanted to share our thoughts on “Made in the USA.” Support of products that are made in the United States is a value that many Americans stand behind. It has obvious benefits that we all care about supporting, such as overall economic stimulation and job creation for our neighbors and ourselves. And for us here at VivaTerra, the list goes on.

Of course American jobs are important, but beyond that—trying to always keep a global perspective—American culture is important. Often times it is easy to get caught in a worldview that centers on your own geographic location or your demographic profile. Because of this, when we hear words like “culture” and “artisans,” we often think of some faraway place. But in the U.S., there's a growing artisan community that we not only want to support, but want to share as well. VivaTerra is global in scope, and we see the USA as a critical component of that, believing that just like our products tie us and our customers to artisans around the world, they can also tie us to each other. There are artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters and all other types of artisans right here in our own back yards, and our hope is that when you think of beautiful, handcrafted products from across the globe, you think of them too.

We also believe that buying domestically can be more eco-conscious, as it reduces transportation needs and consequently the energy and natural resources expended in the process. This makes us huge proponents of shopping local, and for us, the U.S. is local! But truly, the greatest value of shopping local is buying products made where there is heritage and tradition behind their craftsmanship. For instance, driftwood naturally comes from the shores of the Pacific Northwest, so it makes sense that there is a community of people who have long been using this resource available to them to create beautiful, high-quality items.

For these reasons and more, we value and support products made in the USA just as much as we value the beautiful products we carry from across the rest of the globe. No matter where you are or where you’re from, we hope you will seek out and value the culture and artistry in your own front yard while looking out to the world.

Happy July 4th!

Wed Jul 17 11:27:44 EDT 2024