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Signature VivaTerra Style

VivaTerra’s signature style—you know it when you see it, but exactly what makes a space feel “very VivaTerra”? A room peppered with some of our signature pieces certainly helps, recycled glass balloon vases, reclaimed wood beds, and teak root bowls, just to name a few. Items that possess a certain beauty in their simplicity, inspired by and reflecting nature, that are produced with the good of the earth in mind. And these are the qualities that also fill a VivaTerra space.

For us, VivaTerra’s look—our look—covers two distinct and sometimes overlapping styles: Refined Rustic, and Upscale Zen. Refined Rustic encompasses most of our reclaimed wood products and designs that, while modern, bring a warm and natural feel to the home. Clean lines bring in an upscale, contemporary feeling, and harmonize perfectly with raw, natural materials to bring about truly unique and beautiful results.

Upscale Zen style emphasizes calming neutral colors, Buddha imagery, clean lines, and overall high quality, beautiful décor made from eco-friendly materials. For us, Zen is more than Buddha motifs—even though our Buddha statues and accents are among some of our favorites—it is about evoking a general sense of calm, balance, and serenity, which is genuinely reflected in our signature selections.

 In the details of both VivaTerra styles, you will find some constant characteristics that reflect both our individuality and our core values. There is an emphasis on found materials, eco-friendly home décor solutions, naturally inspired designs, and global inspiration. VivaTerra’s Signature is an overall modern and clean aesthetic with a global fusion. Ultimately, you will find looks that incorporate a modern feng shui, and combinations of organic curves with geometric shapes that mirror nature. You can expect quality, artisan-made products from all across the globe, produced in fair trade conditions. And you will know that natural, eco-friendly materials were used in environmentally conscious production methods. VivaTerra’s signature style is nature inspired on a global scope in material, shape, color, design, and value. All in all, we seek to bring the best parts of the globe together, for the good of the earth, in the name of quality and sophisticated style.

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