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The Green-aissance

GREEN-AISSANCE green comes in many forms

From how we "plant" to how we play, we're enjoying the benefits of living green! These past couple of years have seen our homes transform into work, school, and living spaces that reflect a healthier environment. The importance of air quality has been top of mind! There is a renewed focus on sustainable living, Earth-friendly products, and calls for community action.

Open and Globe shaped rolled stone planters with Zen Moss Wreath on wall

What better way to have a healthier home than by bringing the outdoors in with the help of plants! There's just something about filling our homes and apartments with an abundance of greenery that makes us feel better. We've put together a collection of planters, plants, and everything you need to clear the air and bring the green to your day-to-day.

open rolled stone eco-planters

These eco-friendly planters are created from sugar cane-derived plastic. The first of their kind, Brazilian artisans retro mold these unique planters into organic shapes inspired by the look of smooth river stones for an all-weather planter that is 100% recyclable. These planters are produced with 50% sustainable material called "I'm Green," made from sugarcane ethylene. The remaining 50% of plastic is a post-consumption recycled material. Their unique shapes allow a variety of plants to grow up in an eco-friendly way.

ceramic wall bubble vases and semi-circle hanging propagation planter. find ways to incorporate nature into our lives

Propagating plants is not only a fun and cost-effective way to add to your plant collection. When displayed together thoughtfully, your plant babies can make a stunning statement on a blank wall or shelf. Propagation walls are such a lovely way to bring new life and fresh air into your home.

winding wall trellis and vertical wall planter with recycled sky planters. white wash clay pots on copper finish wall rack set of 9 and Hanging Metal Frame with 3-Tier Terracotta Planters.  wall + skies of green. image of

Tight on space? Look to your walls as a perfect way to grow plants and herbs. Our planter alternatives give you the ability to add stunning greenscapes to your small space and kitchen. Use floating shelves to curate a collection of your favorite plant species. We offer plants that work double duty as air purifiers and living decor.

on wooden shelves granada footed pots, bold blue nanda pots, blue ombre keppel pots, terracotta bowls and set of 3 tillandsia holders

Not sure you have a green thumb? Many online courses make it easy to understand how to grow your plant besties. Skillshare and MasterClass offer courses that focus on a range of plant and gardening topics. You can even connect with your local plant shop to see if they provide in-person or virtual flower arranging, plant care, and gardening classes.

Beyond your home, get involved with larger organizations that make living a sustainable lifestyle more attainable and help you understand your personal carbon footprint.



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