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Cane Top C-Shaped Slider Table




Estimated Ship Date: 04/18/2024

The Cane Top Slider Table, a delightful fusion of utility and aesthetic allure, is a charming addition to any living space. This compact slide table is designed to seamlessly blend into your decor, bringing with it a touch of natural grace.

The highlight of the table is its beautifully woven cane accent, which not only adds texture but also infuses a sense of organic elegance. With its practical C-shape, this table is ingeniously crafted to tuck neatly under chairs or sofas. This feature makes it exceptionally versatile, serving as an ideal surface for work or as an impromptu side table in your living area.

Whether you're looking to enhance your workspace or add a convenient touch to your lounging area, the Cane Top Slider Table is a perfect choice. Its ability to combine functionality with rustic charm makes it an irresistible piece for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials in modern design.

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  • Petite and versatile slide table design
  • Features a beautifully woven cane accent for natural charm
  • C-shape easily tucks under chairs or sofas
  • Ideal for use as a work surface or spontaneous side table
  • Enhances decor with a touch of organic elegance
  • Perfect for living areas, workspaces, or lounges
  • Combines functionality with rustic, modern design
  • Adds texture and interest to any room setting
  • Handcrafted in India by our artisan partners

17.5"L x 14"W x 25.5"H

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