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Infused with Kishu-Binchotan charcoal powder, the organic cotton and rayon yarns of these towels are imbued with charcoal's natural moisture-absorbing and odor-eliminating properties.

Our luxurious Japanese towel collection is created from handpicked Xinjian cotton and spun into the optimum towel yarn in Japan. Preference for texture, dry times, and many other factors are considered when choosing the best towel weave, and rigorous quality standards assure only the highest quality products make it into your home.

Wash in a generous amount of water so towels can be fully submerged. Only use softener when you feel it is truly needed, applying softener too often can decrease absorption. Remove towels from washer and shake out 10-20 times to fluff flattened pile, hang to dry immediately in a well-ventilated, shaded area. Cool fluff in dryer if needed.

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