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Cheyenne Coir Doormat




Estimated Ship Date: 07/19/2024

The Cheyenne Doormat, inspired by skilled craftspeople who make beautiful rugs and tapestries from nature, gives a warm and special welcome to your home's entrance.

Each doormat is hand-printed with special dyes that resist fading from the sun on 100% brushed coir. Coir is a strong material made from the husks of discarded coconut shells. It's attached to a lead-free PVC backing to make it sturdy and more slip-resistant.

Coir doormats are best placed where they are protected from the rain, as sitting in water for a long time can make them break down. Over time, the natural coir will fade and change, but this is a normal part of its life. Since coir is a natural fiber, each doormat might look a little different in color.

The Cheyenne Doormat is a beautiful addition to your home that reflects the beauty of nature. Its simple elegance and natural materials are what make it a special part of our collection.

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  • Made with coconut husk fibers, our assortment of durable, natural fiber mats welcomes guests into your home while keeping the dirt outside where it belongs
  • Our coir doormats are hand-printed with UV-resistant dyes on 100% brushed coir with a lead-free PVC backing
  • Natural fibers made of coconut shell husks are known as "coir"
  • Coir mats are best used in a sheltered entry and should not be allowed to sit in standing water for an extended period of time otherwise the fibers will prematurely decompose
  • While the doormats are printed with dyes containing a UV protectant, they will eventually fade over time as the natural coir fiber begins to decompose
  • Coir, being a natural fiber, will have color variations within the doormat
  • Handcrafted in India by our artisan partners

30"l x 18"W x .5"H

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