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Copper-Flamed Bat Hanging Mobile




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Celebrate their mysterious presence even during daylight hours with our copper-flamed bat hanging mobile, which offers seven perfectly balanced bat profiles, a touch of color, and mesmerizing movement.

Each bat showcases unique details, with wings gracefully spread open, revealing their majestic and lifelike appearance. The copper finish creates a stunning effect, with fiery tones that shimmer and dance in the light, reminiscent of flames flickering in the night sky.

Whether it hangs indoors or out, it draws the eye and sparks curiosity, inviting observers to appreciate the beauty of both art and nature.

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  • Captivating copper-flamed bat hanging mobile
  • Fiery copper finish adds a stunning visual effect
  • Lifelike bat wings gracefully spread open
  • Dynamic display as the mobile gently sways
  • Evokes a sense of wonder and enchantment
  • Perfect addition to any Halloween-themed space
  • Creates a mesmerizing focal point in any environment
  • Handcrafted in India by our artisan partners

35"W x 23"H

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Wed Jul 17 12:58:27 EDT 2024