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Fire-Starter Pre-Split Kindling, 10lb box




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Loaded with organic resins that ignite instantly, our Fatwood Fire-Starter burns with an intense heat and gets fires going quickly! Just two 8"L sticks and a single match is all it takes.

Every 8"L stick of our resin-rich Fatwood is hand-selected and harvested from naturally felled trees (storms, lightning, old age). Our Fatwood is not the by-product of commercial logging or clear-cutting. Not a single live tree is used. It is the all-natural, environmentally friendly fire starter.

Fatwood fire-starting sticks have an indefinite shelf life – Fatwood even ignites when wet! Ideal for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires, chimeneas, fire pits and more.

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  • Fatwood fire-starter kindling sticks
  • 100% all-natural fatwood is loaded with resins for fast fire starting
  • Reliable Fatwood fire-starter ignites instantly, burns at a high heat
  • Quick and easy: just two sticks start a roaring fire
  • No more newspapers or chemicals or splitting kindling

10 lb. Box- approx 140 sticks

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