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Handmade Clay Hooks, Set of 2




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The latest addition to our curated clay collection, these hand-formed clay hooks embody the essence of our commitment to modern, functional design. These pieces, handcrafted in Honduras, showcase a bold, chunky silhouette that effortlessly marries artistic flair with practicality.

Their sculptural form transform any ordinary wall into a statement of style. Beyond their striking appearance, these hooks serve as an ideal hangout for a variety of items - from purses and coats in your entryway to towels and aprons in the kitchen. Each hook is a unique piece, reflecting the individuality of the artisan's touch and adding an exclusive, personal touch to your home.

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  • Chunky, modern design: Bold and contemporary, perfect for a range of interior styles
  • Sculptural functionality: More than just a hook, it's a piece of art for your walls
  • Versatile use: Ideal for hanging purses, coats, towels, aprons, and more
  • Handcrafted in Honduras: Each piece is unique, reflecting the artisan's individual craftsmanship
  • Modern aesthetic: A perfect embodiment of our brand's commitment to stylish, functional design
  • Adds both beauty and practicality to your home

3.5"L x 3.5"W x 8"H

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