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Kantha Sphere Throw Pillow




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This colorful accent piece is a symphony of texture and pattern, curated to elevate your living space. Each pillow offers handmade craftsmanship, featuring an eclectic blend of vintage sari patterns that weave a tale of heritage and elegance.

Hand-selected by our artisans partners in India, this unique pillow is not just a decorative item; it's a bridge between traditional artistry and contemporary design. Perfect for adorning your favorite chair or adding a boho flourish to your sofa, the Kantha Ball Pillow is an embodiment of global charm and refined comfort.

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  • Unique Artistry: Each pillow features a distinct mix of vintage sari patterns, showcasing the beauty of traditional Indian textiles
  • Handcrafted Embroidery: Intricate embroideries add depth and elegance, highlighting the artisanal work
  • Rich Textures: A variety of textures offer a tactile experience, enhancing the visual appeal
  • Boho Accent: Ideal for adding a colorful touch to chairs or sofas in any living space
  • Artisan-Selected Materials: Carefully hand-selected by Indian artisans, ensuring authenticity and quality
  • Global Charm: Blends traditional Indian artistry with contemporary design, suitable for diverse decor styles


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