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No-Water Waxed Amaryllis Flower Bulb Leaf - Fern
V9792 FRN

V9792 FRN



Limited Stock

It doesn't get any easier than this! Our Leaf Self-Contained Waxed Amaryllis Flower Bulb is the perfect gift for anyone, anytime and especially for someone who loves flowers but isn't good at taking care of them!

The Amaryllis Bulb is dipped in wax and self-contained – no water or care required! Everything the plant needs for nutrients and moisture is inside the bulb. This gift is worry-free, ready to grow and bloom.

Plus, the bulb looks pretty even before it blooms thanks to the botanical design. Place it on any flat surface for beautiful display all on its own or decorate with moss, greenery and other seasonal accents for another look.

Bulbs are shipped in a dormant stage. Just place on an indoor surface and blooms appear in approx. 4-6 weeks. Each bulb will produce one or two flower stalks with up to four blooms per stalk. Waxed amaryllis bulbs will not re-bloom; discard after flowering is complete.

Imported from the Netherlands.

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  • High quality Dutch Amaryllis bulb covered in wax
  • Bulb arrives in the first stages of growth and blooms in a few weeks
  • Blooms last for several weeks with no watering required
  • Vibrant, festive color even before blooms sprout
  • Self-contained, no care, water or work needed
  • All moisture and nutrients are inside the bulb
  • Easy, thoughtful, affordable, gorgeous, upbeat and cheerful

Approx. 6" dia.

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