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Hand-woven by artisans in Haiti from rush material, this uniquely shaped rug brings a touch of natural texture and visual interest in any space. The expert weavers twist, braid, and interlock every strand to create a product with a global style and high quality construction. Place in an entryway to make a bold first impression or use in an unusually shaped space where traditionally shaped rugs may fall short. Due to the untreated nature of the sea grass, colors may fade if placed in direct sunlight. Shake to clean.

Artisans use natural bulrush fibers and carefully twist them into rope-like strands. They then use this natural fiber rope to twist spiral patterns that form the surface of these rugs. To hold the spirals together they apply stitches and also stitch each spiral segment together until their design is complete. The result is a whimsical and naturally derived home accent.

Bulrush (also know as cattail) is an all-natural and eco-friendly material for basket weaving. Because it naturally grows and such a rapid pace, it is not only sustainable to harvest, but it requires no chemical treatments to sustain its growth.

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