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Swirled Glass Globe Plant Quencher - Green
V8139 GRN

V8139 GRN



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This glass and terracotta plant-watering solution features a hand-blown mottled glass globe that skillfully directs water to the soil through the porous terracotta base. Simply fill the top with water and let this plant quencher do the rest.

Designed with both form and function in mind, these plant quenchers provide an effortless and elegant solution for keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. Simply fill the globe with water, and with a gentle flip, insert the narrow stem into the soil of your potted plants. As the soil dries, the globe gradually releases water, ensuring your plants receive the optimal amount of moisture, just as nature intended.

Treat yourself and your plants to a little touch of artistry, and witness how these graceful globes transform the way you care for your indoor greenery. Embrace the art of nurturing with our Swirled Glass Globe Plant Quenchers and infuse your space with a sense of botanical enchantment.

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  • Handcrafted watering globes designed for plant care with style and artistry
  • Meticulously crafted by artisans, each globe is a unique piece with graceful swirled patterns within the glass
  • Reflects captivating colors and plays with light, adding a decorative touch to your plant care routine
  • Effortless and elegant solution for keeping plants hydrated and healthy
  • Simply fill the globe with water and insert the terracotta stem into the soil of the potted plants
  • Releases water gradually as the soil dries, ensuring optimal plant moisture
  • Combines functionality and beauty, merging practicality with artistry
  • Enhances the care of your indoor greenery while adding a sense of botanical enchantment to your surroundings

4"Dia. x 12.5"H

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