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Build a Better Capsule Wardrobe—Organic. Fair-Trade. Functional.

We're sure you've heard of it by now, coined in the 1970s by a London boutique owner, the term "capsule wardrobe" was used to describe a new idea for a highly functional and compact collection of clothing. The capsule, according to its original creator, should consist of approximately 12 coordinating and interchangeable items. In today's world, where fast-fashion rules and consumer culture is at an all-time high, this sounds improbable to most of us. And in more recent years, the capsule has been adjusted for the modern times, now consisting of approximately 30 pieces—give or take a few, depending on its owner's needs and desires. However, this would include in its count shoes and accessories.

The thought is that each piece would, itself, be of high quality, versatile to style, and classically designed. You won't find any faux fur vests or floral statement stilettos in this minimal collection, only quality classic staples. The overall collection would be color coordinated and almost all pieces should be able to be worn together in a variety of combinations. While this may sound limiting, consider a selection such as this: 10 tops, 6 bottoms, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 outerwear options, and 6 staple accessories. Counting only tops and bottoms you have a total of 60 unique combinations.

The benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe are numerous. An obvious benefit is that you save money. Having less and keeping a cap on the number of items you have in your closet means buying less. This also keeps a checked and balanced system because you have to consider if your new purchase is worth sacrificing something you already own—if you have a wardrobe full of functional, versatile staple pieces, probably not. Put it back. A slightly less evident benefit is that it actually helps to solve the universally experienced quandary of seeing your closet as a room full of "nothing to wear." Yes, really, because everything in your closet will be one of your favorite things, every piece will fit impeccably, and every item will be wearable for multiple occasions (and seasons!)

There is all of this to love about a capsule wardrobe, and yet, we aren't satisfied by the current standars for a capsule. We love the idea of consuming less, putting quality over quantity, and drastically simplifying our daily ritual of getting dressed, but couldn't your clothing collection be even more? More than minimal, more than coordinated, and even more than functional and versatile, we believe your closet can be all off this and more. Our newest clothing collection, VivaTerra by Indigenous, is organic, fair trade, and artisan-made. It encompasses style, quality, and comfort with integrity. We believe your clothing should not only suit your life and style but reflect your values as well.

Our collection is the result of the work of fair trade artisans, organic farmers, and thoughtful designers who pour passion into their craft. Their passions have created the garments necessary to build a better capsule wardrobe and a closet full of clothing made the right way. We've selected 15 organic cotton pieces to lay the foundation for your ethical and super comfortable new closet.

The Basics

These are simple must-haves for any season. In spring and summer they are easy go-to tops and for fall and winter, they are your best base layers. Each piece is neutral and made from 100% soft organic cotton.

Capsule 1 Basics


The Bottoms

These are the basics, but for your bottom half. A mini style but modest-hemmed skirt with edgy zipper details, a simple organic cotton dress, and supremely comfortable, never sheer, capri leggings (these we're going to let you get in all three colors... just count them as one!)

Capsule 2 Bottoms


The Figure Flattering Classics

Fair trade, feminine and flattering styles no-one should go without. These classic & easy-to-wear styles flatter your figure and keep you comfortable all day long. Our wrap dress is the most comfortable LBD you'll ever own, guaranteed.

Capsule 3 Tops


The Fashionables (Not The Trendies)

These pieces add bold style statements while still remaining versatile and timeless. They are ideal for layering over your basics and bottoms to add warmth and extra style.

Capsule 4 fashion


The Outers & Extras

The last pieces you put on and the first pieces you see, these garments top off your look. Add on a vest for an extra layer of style and comfort, or a scarf to bring in a bit of minimal pattern.

Capsule 5 ouerwear


The Daily-Worn Jewels

Our artisan-made hexagon jewelry collection, crafted right here in the USA, perfectly complements the VivaTerra by Indigenous line. These three every-day-wearable, simple, elegant accessories are a great addition to any capsule collection.

Capsule 6 Jewelry


With these 18 beautiful, artisan-crafted pieces in place, the remaining 12 are up to you! Fill them in by prioritizing your current staple pieces, like your best blue jeans, favorite blouse, and most worn work & weekend shoes. From here, it's out with the old! Donate, give away, or sell your newfound nonessentials. If you have any holes left, shop the rest of our clothing collections (Just try not to go over 35 pieces, okay?)


Capsule product grid

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