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Driftwood Treasures

By definition, driftwood is “wood floating on or washed ashore by the sea or other body of water”. It can come from fallen trees and branches, or trees along a river’s edge, swept away during a flood. Some driftwood is even the result of humans cutting and disposing of wood, or from rare occurrences such as old shipwrecks or lost cargo crates. However it finds its way to water, erosion and natural elements such as wind, sun and rough water take their turn crafting the wood into its new form. When it washes ashore, it has been stripped of its bark, smoothed by the wind, and often bleached by the sun to a lighter color. And while many may see driftwood as simple debris on the shoreline, some see it as more.

 It’s often prized for its structural beauty, being known to take on artistic, almost sculpture-like forms over time. And for pieces that don’t become works of art naturally, they can be used as material in a manmade work instead. Driftwood can be hard to obtain in some areas however. In Oregon for example, law—for the cause of environmental and natural habitat protection—protects most driftwood. Here, and in many other places, it may only be collected by individuals or companies who possess a license or permit.

The artisan responsible for creating many of our beautiful driftwood products has been granted such permit due to his indigenous heritage. He collects driftwood from the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. The collected driftwood is then carefully arranged together to create a nature inspired sculptural work. Once his work is complete, the sculptures are sent to a United States based nursery. Here, succulents and plants are hand-picked for each one and hand-planted. The combination of the sun-bleached, monochromatic, textural driftwood and lush, green, living plants brings a perfect natural balance to every work.

We believe driftwood is a work of art created by Mother Nature herself. And we love that this artisan, with respect of the environment and this nature created material, gives driftwood a breath of new life in a work of art that can be admired in the home. You can browse our collection and find a driftwood work that will perfectly fit your home.

driftwood details

driftwood landscape


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